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FanFic Review: The Love Song of Norman Bates: Be Mine

Serious spoilers ahead, so PLEASE go read this fic first! It is beautiful! And I hope you’ll forgive me if I ramble here; I’m on my second glass of red wine as I write this.

First off, we get protective and worried Norman, this time as a worried dad over leaving their son with a babysitter as he and Norma have such a lovely romantic Valentines Day getaway. In some serious luxury, too. Yes, Norma absolutely deserves this. Both the hotel room and them soaking in a bath together: I’ve always wanted these sweet scenes with them, so thank you so much for this.

When he gives her that ring, I squealed out loud and started tearing up. Norma, just let those two other bastards fade into the past. It’s true; she’s never known this kind of pure, true, complete love in nearly 40 years of life. I can just picture that heart-shaped diamond. And their red-and-white lingerie on both of them ;)

I was also squealing at the ending. Can you imagine the boys who will eventually need to get Norman’s approval before dating Nancy or Susie? Absolutely wonderful fic; with this, it just cements my idea further that I don’t need the damn show as long as I have this kind of fic. I only hope I can write a fraction as good.