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Fanfic Review: “Vision”

Oh my god! Go read this one right now if you haven’t already:

This one is GORGEOUS; I love it! Confession time: I read fics like this at least a few times in a row when I think they’re this good. Norman and Norma have had a fight, and it unexpectedly leads to her learning the truth. The truth about the screwed-up fictitious version of herself that he hallucinates. I’ve always wanted this to happen, and I’ve found it so tragic he hasn’t been able to make her understand about these visions. Until now.

There’s a reference to Morpheus as Norman gets ready to go to sleep alone. I made a Morpheus reference way back when I wrote this. Nice bit of coincidence there. After their beautiful night together, I like to imagine this’ll be the start of Norman’s healing process in this fic world, where he’ll eventually only see Norma, not the Mother hallucination anymore.