Who Am I?

I’m Angela, the owner/writer/webmaster of CheckInBatesMotel.com.

I’m well aware this series is not without its controversial elements, and I take those elements and run with them in many of my writings and other creative work on here. I’ve loved to write since I was quite young, and I’ve also had a deep, enduring love for high quality TV series. When written well and portrayed by a talented cast, the stories they tell have as profound an effect on us as any other form of creative work. To me, Bates Motel is the latest in a line of shows that have had me transfixed and obsessed, to the point where it and its fandom have become a much-loved part of my life.

Why Did I Start This Blog?

It started out as just writing and publishing reviews on each episode, but it quickly grew into more. The more I interacted with the amazing Bates Motel fandom, the more I wanted to create the kind of fansite no one could find anywhere else online. Way beyond a collection of show images or plot synopses, it’s a compilation of my creative work that this show has inspired in so many ways.

Why Bates Motel?

Why not? The show has that not-quite-describable, not-quite-definable “IT” factor for me. It has a combination of thrilling storylines, amazing writing and superb acting that keep us fans crazy for more. I think the show taps into that dark side we all have and gives us license to let it out to play for a little while. By the way, research shows that doing that with your dark side in harmless, vicarious ways is a lot healthier psychologically than trying to repress it and pretend everything is all sunshine and rainbows all the time. It isn’t.

Anyway, the series has such a pull on me because it potentially shakes up the audience’s (and my) sensibilities, makes us think about how we don’t live in a totally black-or-white, good-or-evil world. It’s all about the shades in between. I love stories where no one’s a clear-cut hero or clear-cut villain, whatever form those stories might take. Bates Motel fits that bill perfectly.

And let’s face it: The show is/was on for 10 weeks a year and off for 42 weeks in between. Many fans complain about this, and I’ve been one of them. So I also created this blog as a way of keeping myself sane during that unbelievably long wait between seasons. As you’ll see from some of my writings, I delve into some pretty dark and sometimes controversial subject matter that spins off this show’s themes and issues.

I said it on the Home page, but I’ll say it one more time here: DO NOT read any of my Bates Motel episode or Psycho movie reviews until after you’ve seen them! I write reviews full of spoilers–it’s just how I roll. Don’t say you weren’t warned :)

Some Possible (and some just for fun!) FAQ:

Do you ship Norma and Norman?

Ummm..yeah, obvi. This entire site after Bates Motel Season 3 is dedicated entirely to this OTP of mine. Also known as Norma(n) shipped by one of the most die-hard Soulbates shippers you’ll ever encounter. The only way I could make that more obvious is if I put a neon sign on my roof about it. I try to be nice about it, but in all honesty: if you don’t share the same ship, this site isn’t for you.

Why do you ship incest?! That’s so [insert unflattering adjective here]

Why do any of us ship or even fetishize anything we do? Why do we get turned on by anything that happens to turn us on? For that matter, why are we attracted to the people we’re attracted to? I believe your question lands in the same boat. I am most definitely not alone. If you’d like to enlighten yourself more about the psychology behind all this, there are some excellent resources I’ve put together on this page.

How old are you?

I’m in my 30s.

Are you single/taken/gay/straight/etc.?

Bisexual. Taken as of Halloween 2016. That’s all anyone needs to know.

So you call yourself a writer; have you actually published anything?


So what’s the name of/link to your ebook?

Nice try. Like I explained at the beginning: degrees of separation. This site isn’t the place for promoting anything unrelated I’ve written.

Do you have an English/journalism/creative writing degree?

No. The only formal writing training I’ve had beyond high school has been for freelance jobs and the couple of required college composition courses everyone has to take.

What do you do for a living?

Dispatcher for an adult entertainment agency. I like it a lot. As far as what anyone thinks: I am fresh out of fucks to give. Workin’ on getting an erotic fiction-writing career off the ground.

Are you on (insert social site here)?

Links to every social account I have for this blog are at the top of the right panel. Are you a Soulbates too? Then come follow me.


Are you doing a “Single White Female” thing and trying to make yourself look like Norma Bates?

HAHAHA! No, I’ve dyed my hair blonde like this almost uninterrupted since I was 16. Except for trying red once when I was 21, and trust me: that was not for me! lol I’ve always had a thing for blonde hair, on both myself and other women. So actually, Norma, I had it first ;)

I take it the carpet doesn’t match the drapes?

You’re funny. That actually doesn’t matter because I’ve never liked carpeting. I much prefer bare floors.

You are so beautiful! Would you please, please cam with me/chat dirty with me/send me pictures of your (naked body part goes here)?

Thank you! But not in this lifetime or any other, sweetheart. There’s an infinite amount and variety of p0rn online. Go find some of that and enjoy yourself.

Okay, fine. So what are some of your other fandoms/interests/favorite TV shows/movies/music/etc.?

I could start a dozen other blogs about all those! The best way to learn all that is to follow my social accounts because I regularly tweet/post/reblog/etc. about that in addition to the Bates Motel fandom stuff :)

What do you use to create this site?

WordPress.org + Hostgator web hosting.

Mac or PC?

iMac, iPad, and iPhone all the way! Microsoft sucks IMO, and I never use it unless unavoidably required to. If that makes me an Apple Snob, so be it.

Why do I have to type in my name AND email AND the name of the little picture just to leave you a blog comment?

Sorry about that; I’m not crazy about CAPTCHAs either, but I also hate comment spam and have that in place to keep that crap off this blog. It’s become a necessary evil, and you can thank the comment spammers for that. I value privacy and hate spam as much as the next person, and you have my word I’d never do a thing with your email addresss.

Comments are closed as of 2017, so it’s a moot point.

Do you take guest submissions?

It depends if you also belong to the SoulBates tribe, to be honest. If you are, drop me a line by email, Twitter, or Tumblr (the latter two: where I’m most active) and let’s talk! It can be a guest post, video, artwork, whatever you’ve got. If you’re a SoulBates fanfic writer: please, please, I’d LOVE to read and review your work! And of course I’d link back to it.

You can submit other types of submissions to checkedinbatesmotel@yahoo.com. Include your name and any social profiles you want me to link to so I can properly credit you!

Okay, thanks for posting & answering this FAQ/About page!

My pleasure. There’s always a room for you here. Come stay any time :)