Fanfic Review: Christmas Gifts

At the time of this writing it’s a month and change before Christmas, kind of early, but I don’t care: I’m reviewing this SoulBates holiday favorite now:

Norma and Norman are together and happy in the French countryside. They have three beautiful small children, which made me so happy. All three are perfectly healthy, physically and mentally. The horror stories about “genetic defects” are very grossly over-exaggerated and much rarer than people believe. Just because a lot of people repeat it enough times for a while, that doesn’t make it true; but anyway: back to the review.

The two things I love the most about this fic: Le Réveillon de Noel and Norma’s oh-so-sexy bedroom outfit. I won’t spoil it. Go read it. I can only imagine the effect on Norman, at the first glance of her in the doorway, her red lips wrapped around that candy cane. As for Le Le Réveillon de Noel, it’s a tradition of a long festive dinner and staying up until at least midnight. Food included is decadent and delicious, can include lobster, oysters, foie gras, and escargots. I can see Norma getting very much into planning and cooking for this special night. It’s perfect.

Since I first read this sizzling holiday fic, I admit I’ve become more of a Domme-Norma fan than a Domme-Norman one, but even so: they’re damn smokin’ hot in their own private celebration in the bedroom before putting out the children’s Christmas gifts. My absolute favorite part, when they fall together onto the mattress.

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