Beautiful in my Eyes (SoulBates Week 2017)

Prompt: “Blue”

{Norma’s dealing with an unexpected affliction, and Norman lets her know it doesn’t matter in the slightest.}

She’d started getting headaches once every so often, especially at the end of a long day helping Norman manage the motel. They grew worse and more frequent after Norma spent some time reading a book or the morning White Pine Bay Current. Pain pulsed behind and in between her eyes. Norman expressed growing concern, but she kept insisting she was fine and it would pass. Finally, he had enough.

“Mother, this is ridiculous! You’re going to the doctor!” He ordered, as he pulled out his phone and called the one physician in town he knew would take a payment plan from them. Norma tried to snatch the phone from him, but he held it out of her way and broke free from her grabs for it. He moved quickly outside the motel office and made the appointment. Norma scowled at him as he came back in, even as it worsened the pain in her head and face. She was bitter towards him for the next couple of days until her appointment, even though deep down she knew he was right. As much as she hated to admit it, Norma was scared of what terrible disease she might have. What if it was a brain tumor? Or cancer of some kind?

It turned out to be neither of those. The G.P. she saw was also an optometrist, and he spent a good deal of time giving Norma many different eye tests. After several rounds of heavy lenses in front of her eyes, she’d been saying “better, worse, better, better, worse, much worse, better..” seemingly forever as he tested so many in front of each eye. Finally, she was left to wait in the exam room. Norma clasped her boy’s hand, as she’d insisted on Norman staying there with her the whole time.

When the doctor came back with the final verdict, he sounded unconcerned: “Mrs. Bates, you have hyperopia. That’s what’s been causing the eye strain and the associated headaches. I’m going to-”

Norma interrupted, “What does that mean?! Is it something serious?”

“No.” He said calmly. “It’s also known as far-sightedness, and it’s extremely common. Especially as most of us get past a certain age. You can see things further away, but not so well up close. I’m writing you a prescription for readers, and you’re to wear them when you read anything either in print or on a screen, understood?”

Norma got a wide selection of glasses frames to select from, and she tried on every one. Each time, she complained about how unflattering the lenses were. At long last, she found an attractive pair of oval-shaped ones with thin dark blue frames. They reminded her of Norman’s favorite color. Back at home as they resumed their familiar daily routine, the headaches diminished though her depression did not. One evening as they were getting ready to close up the motel office, Norman came up behind her and enveloped her in his arms, dropping soft kisses along the back of her neck. A deep sigh resounded from her throat, as she melted back into him.

“You’re so beautiful,” he murmured against her skin, as his fingers loosened the top button on her flowered blouse, his lips grazing her collarbone. Norma gave a delighted little shiver.

For a second, she worried someone might see them. But they had only two of the rooms occupied this night. Both didn’t show any signs of life. Until now, they’d been careful to keep their intimacy secreted away in the back office or behind locked doors in their big old house on the hill.

“Honey..” She breathed, giving another sharp gasp as his hands tightened on her hips and he began slowly grinding his arousal against the cleft of her ass. Norma dropped her head back, her cheek rubbing his, giving him even freer access to bite softly along her neck. “I look like an old lady in these things,” she grumbled.

“Stop it, Mother!” He hissed in her ear, nipping on her earlobe just above her small silver hoop earring. “You look gorgeous. As always. So damn sexy. You always will. I want you upstairs. And keep them on,” With that, he broke his hold on her, took her by the hand as she let him pull her up the hillside stairs. Seemingly seconds later, they were up the house stairs and behind the locked door of the bedroom they now shared.

Her lips were on his, caressing them as her arms wrapped around his now-broader shoulders. Norma backed up against the edge of the bed as his hands moved between them, undoing the rest of the buttons on her shirt. His mouth sucked and tasted her, down to the valley between her breasts. Then Norman abruptly pulled away, a michevious little smirk on his face at her groan of frustration. “Stay right there,” he ordered softly. Leaving her there trembling, he opened the top drawer of her dresser where she now kept her lingerie. Pulling out a deep royal blue lace negligee, he brought it over and placed it on the bed before returning his ministrations to her.

Norma kissed him harder, her tongue swirling over his, as her blouse fell to the floor. Norman expertly unzipped her skirt and it followed. She stepped out of it and shoved it aside with one foot, along with her low-heeled pumps. His fingers peeled her bra straps down her arms, achingly slow. Teasing her. Norma arched against his chest, her breath ragged. She’d do anything for him to lift it off her and cup her breasts, play with her nipples like he knew she loved. He wouldn’t though. Not just yet.

“Norman!…god…fucking tease..” She gasped as he undid the little hooks at her back, let her bra drop.

“Language, Mother.” He hooked his fingers into the waist of her nylons and barely-there black lace panties, tugged them both down her long legs. His gaze locked on a glistening drop of her wetness running down her engorged slit and onto her inner thigh. Rising to his feet, he drank in every inch of her perfect bare form before he picked the short blue lace number off the bed. “Lift your arms.”

The lacy transparent fabric fit snugly over her breasts, somehow making them even more enticing. It barely reached the tops of her thighs, and the deep blue made her eyes snap to life even more behind the stylish oval glasses frames. “Norman..” She clasped his hands as she lay back against the pillows, pulling him over her and nipping on his bottom lip. “Your turn. Get undressed for me.”

“Yes, Mother.” He grinned as he undid his shirt and moved his hands to his belt buckle.

“I have a feeling I’m going to start liking wearing these glasses.”