Caught (SoulBates Week 2017)

Prompt: Naughty

{Norma catches Norman spying on her in the shower. He needs to be taught a lesson. Smut and femme domme BDSM galore.}

Norma tilted her head back under the hot shower and let the pounding water loosen all the tension in her body. It had been a tiring week, with the motel booked full nearly every day. Then as soon as she saw Norman’s sweet eager face in their bedroom at night, she’d been filled with a different kind of energy that left her sated and exhausted by the time she was done with him. Well, she should say: she saw his sweet face until he obediently cast his eyes down, not getting the privilege of looking at her until she gave him permission.

She smiled, inhaling the scent of her jasmine-and-plum body wash as she lathered herself up with suds. He’d been such a good boy. Everything they did together, he loved. And he’d do any little thing she said. When he wasn’t perfectly obedient, the punishment was doled out enough to get the message across and enough to heighten both their enjoyment to new levels.

Her fingers wandered lower down her inner thigh as the last of the soap rinsed away from her skin. Norma pictured the collection of bedroom toys she’d accumulated for them over the past months, thinking of possibilities for tonight after he helped her clean up from dinner. The tips of her ring and middle fingers slipped just inside her sensitive opening, bringing a jolt of pleasure. A soft little hiss of delight came from between her teeth. Then her eyes snapped open as she heard a louder, lower-pitched moan from the other side of the bathroom door.

As usual, Norma had left it open a crack to let the steam out quicker. Now she saw it was ajar a few inches, and her boy was visible enough for her to see the flushed look on his face and his hand down his unfastened pants, palming and stroking his reddened cock.

“Norman!” She yelled as she yanked open the glass shower door and twisted the water off. Norma stepped out, grabbing a towel and throwing it around herself as Norman tried frantically to do up his pants. He wasn’t fast enough before she was on him. Her hand shot out and seized a handful of hair at the back of his head, twisting it so he yelped even as his eyes were bright with arousal mixed with fear.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” she pulled him towards the bed, “Did I say you could watch me?! And TOUCH YOURSELF?!” She let go of his hair and grabbed his ear, pulling it as hard, “Well, did I?! I sure as shit don’t recall that!”

“N-No, Moth- I mean, No ma’am!” He stammered.

She pushed him against the edge of the mattress, “You’ve been a very bad boy, haven’t you? Say it!” Norma demanded.

“Yes ma’am, I’ve been very bad.” Norman gasped, his gaze dropping to her bare feet even as his cock throbbed painfully.

“You know what I need to do when you’ve been such a bad boy, don’t you?” She rasped, tucking the corner of her towel between her breasts and then crossing her arms.

“I…I need to be punished, ma’am.” Norman answered with hitched breath, shaking with the anticipation of what he knew was in store.

“Strip.” His member strained harder at his pants at hearing that one word from her. From his goddess who could give him such exquisite pain mixed with sweet release. With trembling fingers, he unbuttoned his shirt and took it off, letting it fall to the floor.

Norma smiled, her eyes roaming over his torso. He’d filled out so nicely, was no longer a little boy by any means. She’d have to allow him to carry her to bed once again. If he earned it. “Mmm…keep going.” She purred with an edge of warning, “You don’t want to keep me waiting, Norman.”

His belt was unbuckled and he pushed his pants down his legs. His snug black briefs were the last to go, the smaller kind she’d bought and insisted he wear from now on. Norma’s ice-blue eyes darkened with lust, her pupils dilating and wetness running down her bare thighs underneath the towel. His cock sprang out once freed, thick and pulsing, pre-cum dripping from the swollen head.

“Lay down. On your back.” She ordered. Norman was quick to move into position. Too quick and eager. He was not getting the relief he wanted that easily. “You’re going to learn to better control yourself.” She snapped, as she grabbed his right wrist in one hand and the heavy black restraint cuff that was secured to the bottom of the bedpost with a length of cable. Their shared bed now had them at all four corners. Norma worked fast, securing him in a spread-eagle. Her towel dropped to the floor before she was done, making his member jump and Norman let out a whimper of need as another drop of fluid ran down his shaft. “Quiet! What are you not going to do?! You know this by now!”

“I’m not gonna..” Norman gulped, “..not going to cum until you say. I promise.”

She rewarded him with a smug look, “Damn right you’re not.” Although she’d kill to have him buried deep inside her right now, the release was going to be all that sweeter when the wait was finally over. Norma strode slowly to her bureau, letting him get a good look at her nude form. She selected a boned satin corset, deep royal blue and patterned with light purple and pink embroidered flowers. It left her breasts bare and lifted them. A glance at herself in the mirror made her nipples tighten even more. Norma added a lacy black thong that left very little to the imagination. A pair of black leather knee-high boots completed the look. Without turning around, she felt his eyes burning into her and heard his ragged breath.

For most of her life, Norma had not been the one in control. When her sweet boy first surrendered to her completely, let her know this was his deepest desire, it was intoxicating. The more they explored together, the headier it became for her. To further drive home who was in charge, she made him wait nearly half an hour, helpless, while she did her hair and make-up, finishing with the black eyeliner that made her eyes pop. She then took her time getting what else she needed out of the toy box she kept on the upper shelf of the closet.

When she knelt on the mattress and moved to straddle his hips, Norman’s eyes were shining and nearly solid black. For a second, she worried she might have gone too far. Then his vision focused on her before dropping, taking in her cinched hourglass figure. “ beautiful..” he whispered. Her thighs were clenching him just below his painfully swollen cock. He didn’t know how he wasn’t going to explode if she gave him the lightest of touches. That glance down her body earned him a slap with the flat end of the riding crop she’d brought out. It landed an inch below his hardening nipple. Norman gasped, unable to help arching and bucking his hips against her.

“Shh…easy, baby.” Norma flipped it around and ran the soft feathered tip of the crop over both his nipples, then down the center of his belly. “Are you going to behave, Norman?” she asked as a gentle threat.

“Y-Yes, ma’am!”

She smirked, her free hand massaging his thigh, getting so close to his member, “Because you know what happens when you don’t.” The flat end raked over his aching balls, bringing on a loud groan before she slapped his groin once more. It took all his remaining strength to hold his orgasm, his wrists straining at the cuffs. Her hand reached up and brushed a strand of hair from his sweat-dampened forehead. “That’s my good boy.” she breathed. Norma dropped the flogger into the floor and slid forward, rubbing the soaked lace of her panties up and down against the underside of his cock. It was only then Norman realized they were crotchless. The delicious friction was too much for her to keep up for long; she pulled apart her swollen pink flesh and slid down, taking him inside her in one fluid motion. Her turn to arch roughly against him, “Ahhh…fuuuck!!” Her hips rolled in a circular motion, gripping him tight.

Norman was straining even harder at the wrist restraints; she could tell he’d give anything to grab her hips. She wasn’t going to release him yet. Instead, she leaned down to give his lips a brief teasing kiss as she reached for one of the throw pillows. “Are you ready, sweetheart?” she whispered against him. All he could manage was a breathless nod. “Lift your hips.” she ordered. Norma slid it under, lifting them to give her much better access. She picked up the small anal vibrator and bottle of warming lube, relishing his widening eyes. They’d been slowly adding this, and he could tell it was going to be taken a step further tonight. They didn’t even need to speak the words. She coated the toy with a generous amount, then turned it on to the slowest speed and rubbed it slowly over his tight pink hole. His pleased moan made her clench and thrust around him. Her fingers moved between the cleft of his ass, massaging even more lube onto him. His thigh muscles and firm ass cheeks twitched.

“’s okay,” Norma leaned down and kissed him, more lingering this time. “Mommy’s got you. Relax.” Ever so gently she pressed the tip of the toy inside him, giving him time to adjust.

“Mother.” he whimpered, “Yess…more..”

Pressing the slickened little vibe a bit harder, she felt it slip past his relaxing inner muscles until it was all the way inside him. Twisting the knob to turn up the speed, she began moving it back and forth, gentle at first as she began to ride him faster. “Cum for me,” she gasped.”I want you to fill me!” Seconds later, his hot white semen flooded her so hard that some dripped down her thighs. Norma left out an inhuman cry as she was rocked with her own orgasm. His body slackened into the mattress. It was all she could do not to collapse on top of him; instead she managed to withdraw the toy from him before unfastening his restraints.

Norman folded her into his arms, intoxicated with the sensations of satin, soaked lace, and their sweat-glowing skin against each other. It took a while for both to recover enough to move at all. Norma finally raised her head to look into his eyes.

“Did you enjoy that, honey?”

“Oh yes! It, hurt at first, but then it felt amazing.” He was still inside her, and she could already feel him getting hard again.

“Enough to do more of it?”

“God, Mother. You can do that to me whenever you want!”

Norma grasped him and rolled them over until she was on her back, her legs spreading oh so invitingly as she took his cock the rest of the way back inside her. “Good to know. When you earn it. Now take care of me.” she ordered as she dug her nails into the soft skin of his hips.