Double Bond (Part 2 of 2) (SoulBates Week 2017)

Prompt: “Bond”

{It’s just the two of them again, and Norma can’t/won’t fight denying her true feelings anymore.}

Things always went sideways, no matter how many times she tried to make them good. No matter how much she clawed and fought to get to the top of this cesspit known as life. Norma allowed herself a rare afternoon of laying on her bed and wallowing. She felt bad about telling Norman to take the owl out of the motel office earlier. The big and spooky-looking stuffed bird wasn’t the real issue; the swirling turmoil of emotions inside her was. Her mind kept drifting back to that fateful evening in Norman’s room, to when she told him they were going to “Get those thoughts out of his head.” It had been wishful, futile thinking. Because she’d never been able to get them out of her own mind. In the days following her soon-to-be-ex-husband’s arrest, Norman had only been sweet and loving, his patience a complete 180 from when the sheriff was still in their house.

In between her tears and the comfort of his arms around her, she struggled to keep her eyes away from his perfect lips. The urge to close that gap and bring her mouth to his was overwhelming. She realized this: it had been nothing but foolish, thinking that her taboo love for her son would go away once he got the therapy he needed. Not to mention the way she’d gotten the needed insurance. Norma stared up at her bedroom ceiling, shaking her head in disgust with herself; How the hell did I think I could do that without consequences?! she chided herself. No more. Ever. It’s going to be just me and Norman, how it’s meant to be.

Another and much lovelier memory surfaced, one of the evening before. Despite the few neat vodkas she’d had, Norma hadn’t been sleeping as deeply as she’d pretended. His hardening cock inside his pants had pressed between her spread thighs. Only a few layers of clothing were between them. On purpose, she moved her pussy against him, bringing on a needy whine from her sweet boy. He was scared she’d get mad, Norma could tell. In time, she’d show him there was nothing at all to be afraid of.

Norma lifted her pink-and-blue flowered skirt above her thighs, slipped two fingers inside her white lace panties. She was wet, swollen, and so deliciously sensitive. Her two fingers locked around her clit and rubbed with abandon. “Ohhh god!! Fuck! Norman..” she gasped as she came, her warm juices coating her fingers. There was a real risk he’d walk into her bedroom and catch her, and the fantasy was unbelievably erotic. Would he stand there in the open doorway and silently watch her, her eyes closed in bliss? Pulling her dress even higher, she pulled off her soaked-through panties and spread her legs, giving herself even better access. Sliding two fingers inside her slick entrance, she circled her thumb over her clit. It didn’t take long before her back arched and she cried out with a second, even harder orgasm. Norma panicked for a moment that she was loud enough for him to hear, all the way down at the motel office. Then she decided she’d simply play innocent if he did.

The next day, Christmas Eve, was uneventful and quiet. In the late afternoon, Norma dropped by the motel office to let her son know she was going to the grocery store to get what she’d need to make Christmas dinner for the two of them. Norman reached out and caught her forearm, stopping her. “You don’t need to, Mother.” A boyish, shy smile was playing over his lips as he handed her the print-out of the Wildwood reservation. “I’m taking us out for dinner.” He moved around the desk and kissed her cheek, “You deserve it.”

“Honey! This is wonderful! But did you have enough money for it?”

“I had some saved. Don’t worry about it. I don’t want you to worry about anything.” His lean, strong arms enveloped her in a hug. God, she loved the way Norman held her. His words vibrated in his chest pressed against hers, and Norma’s heartbeat sped up. She pulled back enough so their foreheads touched, her arms still wrapped around his shoulders. All she had to do was lean in and turn her head so their lips would meet. Without a conscious thought, Norma felt herself starting to do that.

“I got something else for you too. It’s up on your bed.” Norman broke the trance.

“Is it another little stuffed bird?” She teased him.

Norman gave a soft laugh, “No, even better. Go take a look.”

Norma dashed up to her room to find a large white box wrapped with a big red ribbon, on her bed. Her face broke into a big smile. He must have snuck it in there while she was cleaning motel rooms earlier. She unwrapped it, pulling the tissue paper aside and lifting a gorgeous black sleeveless dress. It was patterned with gold and silver beading in sort of a sunburst design, and it was made of slinky stretchy fabric that hugged every curve when she tried it on. A little gasp escaped her when she looked in the mirror. She looked beautiful, and very sexy in it. She felt even sexier. Norma grabbed her phone and called him, “Norman, I love it! Thank you, baby. I can’t wait to wear it tonight.”

“I can’t wait to see you in it, Mother.” His excitement was evident over the phone.

They had to leave by six, so Norma started getting ready. She took a long shower, shaved her body everywhere, and rubbed in the jasmine-scented lotion she knew Norman favored. Her heart hammering, she dug in the back of her lingerie drawer and pulled out something she’d bought but never worn: A deep red bra and panty set trimmed with black lace. A pair of black stay-up thigh-high stockings and her black-and-silver pumps completed the outfit. Once done with her hair and make-up, Norma slipped into all of them. One more glance at herself in the mirror brought a thrill of arousal. When Norman met her in the hallway, looking perfect in his dark blue suit, he was speechless for several seconds. “Oh my god..” he exhaled, “You look stunning, Mother. So beautiful…wow..”

Taking both his hands, she kissed him at the corner of his mouth. “You have excellent taste, sweetie. Shall we?

The drive to Portland was lovely, as she held his hand and they admired the city’s festive holiday lights along the way. Norma adored the inside of the Wildwood as they were seated at a small table with white table cloth and a vase of red tulips in the center. It was all dark wood paneling and lit with soft gold lamps, intimate and perfect. Norman couldn’t look at anything other than her, taking her hand as they waited for their food. No one there knew them, and it felt incredible to show even that little affection in public. Dinner was leisurely and excellent as they lingered, not wanting the evening to end as they talked about their renewed hopes for the coming year and the motel’s future. Norma did most of the talking, as her sweet boy kept looking at her with such intense love and telling her how incredible she looked.

It was getting late when they finally walked in their front door, Norman switching on the Christmas tree lights. Neither of them were even close to tired. Norma turned on a table lamp and thumbed through the vinyl records until she found one of Bing Crosby Christmas classics. “Come here. Dance with me, Norman.” She dropped the record player needle and held out her hand to him.

“Nothing I’d love more,” He grinned and pulled her close, his arm circling her waist and his fingers lacing with hers. As they swayed to the holiday music, Norma gave him a lingering kiss on his neck. Then she wrapped her other arm around his neck, closing the last of the space between them.

“Hmmm…absolutely nothing you’d love more?” she murmured into his ear. At one time, Norma might have blamed it on the wine she’d had at dinner, but she was done kidding herself. She meant it.

“What do you mean, Mother?” He was still being innocent in that way he had, which only heightened her love for him.

“Norman…” Then her lips were on his, kissing him hard and passionately. He was surprised for a split second, then he was returning the kiss with as much love…and desire. His hands moved down from her waist and cupped her ass, massaging it and pressing her against the straining hardness in his pants. Norma gave a moan of lust and parted her lips, their tongues gently playing with and exploring each other. Her head was starting to swim and her hips starting to thrust against his. His touch was so sweet, yet firm all at once as he explored over her body. Norman slowly broke the kiss and trailed his lips over her cheek, her neck, flicked her earlobe with his tongue.

“Mother,” he breathed, the word a soft groan of want. “I love you. I’ve loved you for as long as I can remember. I always will.”

“I love you too…ohh..” she moaned as his teeth nipped right below her earlobe. “I…I can’t keep pretending it’s just as your mother. Can’t keep fighting it…I’m done with that.”

Norman drew back and looked into her eyes, still holding her, his gaze smoldering. “You mean that, Mother? This is really what you want?”

She gave him another deep, lingering kiss. “So much it hurts, baby.” Every cell in her body was begging for his touch. “There’s no going back after this, Norman. I’ll be yours. Forever. We’ll belong to each other completely.”

He threaded his fingers into her blonde curls, pulled her head back and began kissing lower down her neck. “I’m already yours forever.”

“In that case, I have a gift for you too.” Norma broke their tight embrace and stepped back from him. The beads on her dress caught the light and made her eyes sparkle even more. She grasped the hem of it and lifted the stretchy material over her head, revealing her body barely covered in red and black lace.

Norman’s jaw went slack as she returned to him, draping her arms around him once more. “Take me upstairs and unwrap this. Now.” The last word was an urgent exhale, nearly an order. Norman swept her into his arms and carried her quickly up the stairs. Her bedroom door was barely closed behind them before Norma pushed his suit jacket off him and undid his tie, kissing him hard and pulling him to the edge of her bed. His nervous shyness had returned, which drove her arousal to new heights. Her fingers worked open the buttons on his shirt, parting it and sliding her hands over his smooth muscular chest. Norman’s head dropped back as he let out little gasps of pleasure. She raked her fingernails up the sides of his torso, causing his body to tense as she began trailing kisses down his chest.

“Ohh god! Mother..” he groaned when she flicked her tongue over one of his stiff nipples, then moved to the other and sucked on it. Inhaling his scent was intoxicating: a mix of his wintry cologne and his own musky, young male scent underneath. She moved lower, leaving teasing kisses down his belly. Taking her time and letting him enjoy every sensation. Her hands moved to his belt and unbuckled it, unfastened his pants and pulled them down his legs. His shoes and socks quickly followed, tossed aside. His black briefs were already wet with precum flowing from his rock-hard arousal. Norma looked up into his eyes before tugging them off, making him whimper. His cock was thick and long, about eight and a half inches and pulsing along with his heartbeat, the tip a deep reddish-purple.

“Mmmm…You’re definitely not a little boy anymore, Norman.” She rose, grasping his hips and guiding him to sit on the edge of the bed. Pushing his legs apart, she leaned over and kissed him. “That’s a little-boy sound you made. You’re a man now. And you’re mine.” Her hand closed around his member and stroked the sensitive sweet spot underneath the tip, a playful smile on her lips as he gave more sharp gasps of pleasure.

“Mother…please…don’t stop..” he could barely form the words between his labored breath.

“Oh, I’m going to do even better.” She knelt between his legs and took the engorged tip in her mouth, sucking his salty fluids and rubbing her hand along the underside of his shaft. Her tongue swirled around it before she went deeper, taking him almost completely out of her mouth before plunging back down, sucking gradually faster. His moans and cries were the most beautiful thing, as Norma relished the sight of his white knuckles gripping the bed spread. She felt his body go rigid and could tell he was close. Her lips released his cock with a soft wet sound. “I don’t want you to cum just yet, sweetie.” Norma stood up and pushed gently on his chest, so he had to move further back on the bed as she straddled him, kneeling with her breasts pressed to his face. “Take this off me,” Her own body was trembling as she guided his hands to her bra clasp. Norman obeyed her, freeing her breasts and latching his lips onto one nipple as he cupped and stroked the other.

“Fuuck!!” Norma arched into him, “Ohh fuck yes! That’s it, baby.” She was soaked through her red panties, her need for him throbbing with such a sweet ache that grew as his hands and mouth roamed over her. “How much do you want me, Norman? Tell me!” she gasped.

“I want you more than anything. I want to make love to you, want to be deep inside you.” he murmured into her ear.

Norma lifted up and guided him onto his back. Slowly, she slipped her panties off. Giving him a long look at her shaved, dripping sex before moving on top of him. She left her stockings and heels on. Reaching back, she took the shaft of his cock and teased the tip against her clit. Both of them winced with the intense, insane pleasure as she settled onto his cock, Norman spreading her open until he was fully inside her. It took both their breath away for a second. Then she began to rock and thrust her hips, gripping his member rhythmically. The room filed with their louder moans and gasps. He struggled to hold his orgasm, wanting to bring her to her peak first. His mother leaned down and kissed him passionately, the taste of him still on her lips. He wrapped his arms around her as their bodies moved together.

After only minutes, Norma felt that mind-bending pleasure growing. They were at the perfect angle where he was rubbing his pubic bone against her clit with every thrust deep into her. Her body went taut as a bowstring as an incredibly powerful climax hit her, her fluids gushing into their thighs as she let out a string of obscenity-laced screams. Norman erupted inside her seconds later, filling her. As his orgasm slowed, Norma relaxed fully against him. Their sweat-sheened skin created even more delicious sensations. He was still inside her for long moments, before withdrawing and gathering her fully into his arms. They soon fell into a deep sleep more peaceful than either had ever known.

The winter sunlight was evident through the curtains when Norman opened his eyes, then gazed down into her beautiful face. He could scarcely believe last night hadn’t been a dream. His beloved, cherished mother woke up soon after, smiling before giving him a sensuous kiss. “Merry Christmas, Norman.”

His lips caressed hers, “Merry Christmas, Mother.” That delectable boyish smile of his returned, “What should we do first?”

“You’re going to start today like we’re going to start every day from now on: by making love to me.”


Side note: The title “Double Bond” is a reference to the intensely erotic and deep love felt by real-life consanguineous couples. The topic’s explored in depth here, among other sites: and it’s a fascinating read. In this fic, I hoped to capture that intense bond of love between Norman and Norma. Time will tell how much I’ve succeeded.