Erase My Mind, Replace My Heart


This story takes place after Bates Motel Season 4, episode 9. After Norman’s thwarted attempt at both of them dying from carbon monoxide, Norma doesn’t die but remains in a coma. Five years go by, then she wakes up with amnesia, can’t remember anything other than her name and fragments of memories of going to sleep that fateful night. She doesn’t recognize Norman, now a grown man who’s been coming to sit by her side every day. He swears to make everything right, has been slowly eaten alive by guilt for putting her in that coma to begin with. What else went on during those five years? How will he ever tell her the truth? What will become of Mother, now that the real Norma’s back? Norma doesn’t remember or see him as her son anymore, and some dormant feelings start surfacing.

Yes, this is a trope done many times over; I’m aware of that. But like anything Bates, there are some twists ;)

No-brainer, so I’m not even sure why I still bother: I don’t own any of these characters.

Rated M for violence, gore, death, and eventual sweet SoulBates love. If any of this bothers you, you’re in the wrong place <3

Chapter 1: Alone

Chapter 2: The Way Back

Chapter 3: Our World

Chapter 4: Shell of Her Former Self

Chapter 5: While She Slept

Chapter 6: Unholy Spirit

Chapter 7: Meant to be Together

Chapter 8: Two Parts of the Same Person

Chapter 9″It’s the Same Old Village”

Chapter 10: Dance Back From the Grave