The Bates That Got Away (Rated: M)

Re-imagined Canon: What might have happened if Norma Bates never killed Keith Summers? Instead, her sister did. What follows is a chain-reaction of events impacting every major character, and none of them will ever be the same…

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Emma Spoole is Norma and Caleb’s biological older sister who was adopted out to another family right after birth, five years before Norma was born and three years before Caleb. Their abusive, misogynistic father didn’t want a girl as his first-born. Norma and Caleb grew up with no idea of her existence, nor she of theirs. Until now.

Referred to as “Emma S,” “Agent Spoole,” “Emma-Christine,” “Aunt Emma,” or sometimes just “Em.” Largely depends on the setting/circumstances, but also to avoid confusion with Emma Decody.

I have nothing against Emma Decody, but for clarity’s sake–she doesn’t appear at all in this story. Due to timing of events and circumstances, she and the Bates family never meet. Not the easiest creative decision to make, but I believe it’s the right one for this fic.

Rated: Mature (17+) for explicit consanguinous sexuality, violence, gore, and profanity.

No-Brainer: I don’t own any of these characters, or anything else I may quote in this story.

This story does depict consanguinamourous and GSA relationships, just a forewarning for those who might be disturbed by this subject matter. They represent a major creative/philosophical/intellectual stretch for me, but how else do any of us grow and evolve? Those scenes are not gratuitous either; they’re intended to be an integral part of the story.

If you share/pass along this story, please, please credit me! I’ve worked extremely hard on it and will continue to until it’s all finished. And I’d love to know what you think! Comment here or contact me on any of my social media accounts.


Chapter 1: Shot Gone Wild

Chapter 2: Convergence

Chapter 3: Versions of Events

Chapter 4: Polymerase Chain Reaction

Chapter 5: Underneath it All

Chapter 6: Are There Any More Secrets?

Chapter 7: The Worst Timing

Chapter 8: Darkness Channeled

Chapter 9: Too Close For Comfort

Chapter 10: One Of Us

Chapter 11: No Angels

Chapter 12: The Right Kind of Wrong

Chapter 13: Folie a Trois

Chapter 14: So I Don’t Have to Dream Alone

Chapter 15: Butterfly Effect

Chapter 16: Norma Louise and Emma Christine

Chapter 17: Soulmates Never Die

Chapter 18: The Only Thing That Matters

Chapter 19: Never Let Me Go

Chapter 20: What Doesn’t Kill Us..

Chapter 21: What it’s Going to Come to

Chapter 22: Reinstated

Chapter 23: To Protect And Serve

Chapter 24: Blood Is Thicker

Chapter 25: New Horizons

Chapter 26: The Guardian

Chapter 27: Leaving White Pine Bay

Chapter 28: The Pact

Chapter 29: Revelation

Chapter 30: Midnight Call

Chapter 31: No One Knows Us Here

Chapter 32: Because I Love You

Chapter 33: Nothing We Can’t Finish

Chapter 34: Let it Rain

Chapter 35: Time to go Back

Chapter 36: What Mother Has To Do..

Chapter 37: “I Made My Choice”

Chapter 38: Truth and Consequences

Chapter 39: Full Circle

Chapter 40: The Last Family Standing