Happy Birthday, Dylan Massett (One-Shot, Rated: M)

Notes: This sweet-and-spicy GSA-Dylemma one-shot details what happens during their side trip for his birthday, which takes place in Chapter 25 of this fic. I didn’t include it in the main story to avoid too many competing side plots going on, and I prefer to keep the focus on both couples together in that multi-chapter fic. So this is a little extra treat if you’ve been enjoying this OC pairing; plenty of romance, smut, and BDSM ahead!

Emma-Christine relaxed in the passenger seat in the spacious cab of Dylan’s F-150 Raptor as they cruised down the interstate, her socked feet propped on the dashboard, a to-go cup of coffee in one hand and her phone in the other as she scrolled through Portland hotels.

“You know something funny?” She asked him, smiling.

“What’s that?” He returned her happy expression.

“I’ve been living out of inexpensive motel rooms for a solid year now, and crazily I’ve grown to like them. It’s going to feel strange at first, when we go home to my apartment.”

His heart kicked up a notch. “You said ‘We.” Could she really mean that?

Their eyes met. “I don’t want to leave Oregon without you, Dylan. I’m serious. Do you want to come back to D.C. with me?” she asked. “I think you’d really like it.”

“I’d love anywhere you are.” He reached over and stroked her cheek lovingly. They could do this. The Norms seemed fine running the family’s motel by themselves. And of course they’d all visit each other often.

She grinned, “In the meantime, I’m going to spend today..and tonight..taking good care of you.” Her voice grew husky, and she leaned closer, breathing her words into his ear. “Remember this morning, when I told you I’d give you a nice reward? You earned it, and then some.”

Those words sent a rush of heat through him, much of his blood leaving the head on his shoulders and traveling lower, to his other one. “Anything you say.” he exhaled. “Anything you want to do to me.” Dylan recognized that tone of hers, and he knew it was the start of another power game. He never would’ve guessed he’d get so turned on, and get such intense release, from the things she’d done to him already. More was in the near future.

“All right then.” Emma-Christine trailed her lips along his throat, then slid her fingers over the back of his neck. She grabbed a handful of his hair in the back, tugging it just enough to hurt. He was having a tougher time concentrating on the road. “One of the first things when we get there: you need a trim. And I’m buying you something nicer to wear.” She let go of him, dropped a kiss near the corner of his mouth.

“Oh yes. I’m also getting us somewhere nicer to stay tonight.” Em retrieved her phone and showed him the hotel she’d been looking at: the Downtown Portland Marriott.

“Looks great.” he said. The place was very nice-looking. It was also a couple of hundred a night, but he noted she didn’t blink at the price as she pulled out her credit card and booked it.

They arrived in Portland several hours later, after stopping for lunch and to refuel the truck. When they got to the room, Dylan had to resist the urge to fall back on the inviting king-sized bed, pulling her with him. That would have to wait. Emma-Christine had other ideas. “Come on, we’re going to do some shopping.” she declared, pulling him by the hand out the door again. Before he could object, she plucked the keys to the F-150 out of his back pocket and slid into the driver’s seat herself. It was immediately obvious she could handle the big truck with precision.

She took him to one of those nouveau-retro barber shops, the kind that offered hot foam shaves with a straight razor. She instructed the barber to give him one of those plus a haircut. “I going to go get some things we’ll need, shouldn’t take more than an hour.” She dropped a kiss to his lips, “Relax and get pampered, honey.”

Dylan noticed several of the other male patrons staring after her as she left, then back at him. One of them gave a low whistle. He lay back in the chair and relaxed as the barber draped a hot towel around his face. He heard, “Nope, can’t be his mother..” and “More like his sugar mama.” At one time, he would’ve been upset. Now he only smirked with pride.

Yeah, guys. You only wish YOU had a woman like that. Lucky me, and too bad for you.

The sight of the sharp straight razor made Dylan a bit nervous at first, but it turned out to be a refreshing, invigorating experience. After the barber finished up his haircut, he felt like a new man. Emma-Christine returned shortly. “You look wonderful. Good enough to eat.” She briefly ran the tip of her tongue over her upper lip, her eyes darkening with lust. She gave him another lingering kiss after paying up. Then she slid her arm around his waist and put her hand in his back pocket as they exited.

Back in the truck he saw four large shopping bags in the back seat. Two of which were from Spartacus Leathers and Bondage Gear. His heartbeat quickened at that sight.

“Oh, no. Absolutely NO peeking!” she told him. “You’re going to have to wait ’til tonight.”

“Yes, ma’am. I won’t.” The anticipation was going to drive him half-insane. He couldn’t wait.

Their next stop was a hair salon for her, where she got a much-needed trim and had her hair styled much more than she could ever bother to do herself. Then it was time to get his clothes upgraded. She’d figured out his sizes from the ones she’d seen. She’d bought him a pair of much nicer, newer jeans, a button-down shirt, and a dark blue sport jacket.

It had taken her a while to pick out what she’d wear. She finally settled on a figure-hugging sleeveless dark red dress that draped just low enough in the front. Back in the hotel room, she slipped it on, with another pair of her black boots, these with even higher heels that put her at eye level with him.

Dylan’s lower jaw fell when she finally came out of the bathroom, dressed and finished with her make-up. “Oh, god…you’re so beautiful..damn..” He got up off the bed and pulled her into his arms, his lips finding hers. “I want you so bad..right now.” he begged.

“Not yet. Soon enough, baby.” she purred. “We’re going to dinner first.” she gave him a stern look. “When we get back here, you will do anything I say. I mean anything.”

“Yess..” he breathed. “Yes, ma’am, I will do anything you say.”

They had a lovely dinner at Portland City Grill, Emma managing to score them a table with a great view of the city. As they finished the last of a bottle of wine and a split salted caramel & chocolate torte for dessert, he reached over and took her hand. “I could get used to this. This is the best birthday I’ve ever had, in my whole life. I can’t stop saying it: I love you.”

Emma-Christine squeezed his hand, touched her wine glass to his. “Happy Birthday, sweetheart. The first of many we’ll have together. I love you too.” she gave him a wicked grin, “And the night’s only beginning.” She signaled for the check, which couldn’t get there fast enough.

When they returned to the hotel room, Emma threw the Do Not Disturb sign on the door handle and shut it firmly. She dug into one of the shopping bags and pulled out a pair of black cotton briefs, handing them to him. “Strip. Put these on. I’m going to change.”

Barely breathing, Dylan nodded.

“What was that?” she snapped, her voice stern again. It was all part of the act.

“Yes, ma’am.” he replied.

“Better.” She grabbed the bags from Spartacus, taking them into the bathroom with her and closing the door behind her.

Oh. My. God. went through his head as he took off his clothes and pulled on the briefs. They were a size too small, snug around his very hard arousal, putting it on display. She had to have done that on purpose. He turned this way and that in the mirror, adjusting himself just so. The bathroom door banged open, startling him. What he saw nearly made him lose it right there.

She was wearing a boned black leather corset that laced up the front, lifting her breasts. A matching black thong with string ties and her spike-heeled black boots completed the outfit. She also had a few things in her hands: a rectangular black paddle with holes in it, a pair of black leather wrist cuffs attached to rope ties, and a pair of scissors. She strode up to him, close but not quite touching, her expression ferocious.

“Were you stroking yourself?” she demanded. “Don’t even think of lying to me.”

“Y-Yes, ma’am.” he stammered.

She gripped his chin, her nails digging lightly into his skin. “Did I give you permission to touch yourself?”

“No, ma’am.”

She let go of his face. “For that, you’re going to have to be disciplined. I’m going to teach you some self-control. Get on the bed. On all fours.”

He obeyed her. She took the scissors, yanked on each side of his briefs, and cut them free. She ripped them off and threw both aside, then stroked her hand slowly down his spine, over his firm ass. His cock was so hard. She pressed her body against his back, reached down and cupped his balls, massaging them. He let out a whimper. With her other hand, she tugged his hair, pulled his head back. She ran her tongue over his earlobe. “You will not cum until I give you permission. Is that understood?” she purred into his ear.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Disobey me and you’ll be punished. Badly. Spread your knees.” she ordered. He did. She slipped her hand around his throbbing shaft and stroked him up and down. He gave a moan of pleasure, but he held back, controlled himself. “That’s my good boy.” she sounded approving, which made him even harder. “I’m going to spank you 22 times. You’re going to count them.”

She brought the paddle back and crashed it down onto one of his ass cheeks. He gasped at the harsh sting. And at the pleasure all mixed in with it. “One!” he gasped. She slammed it into his other cheek. “Two!” It was taking every ounce of willpower he had not to climax. His ass was turning a deep shade of pink; he was going to be sore and bruised later. He didn’t care; even that was a turn-on. She was going to mark him, remind him he belonged to her. Only to her.

Emma-Christine was panting with exertion and with her own desire, well before she got to 22. When he finally cried out that final number, she spanked him him one more time for good measure before dropping the paddle to the floor. “Turn over.” she demanded. “You’re being very good. Now time for a little more of your reward.” Dylan flipped onto his back, wincing at the soreness but loving even that sensation.

She grabbed one of his wrists, buckled the leather restraint around it, then secured it to the bed frame. The other one followed, so his arms were tied securely over his head. She smiled, straddling him and undoing the ties on her thong, letting see how dripping wet she was. She took a hold of his cock and slid it inside her soaked entrance, all the way. Then she moved her hips slowly so he slid almost all the way back out of her. “Ohhhh fuck! OMIGOD!!” he cried out. The pleasure was beyond insane.

“I didn’t tell you you could cum yet.” she snarled. “Don’t you fucking dare.”

“No ma’am!” he gave another loud groan as she gave another slow, sweetly torturous stroke of him deep inside her. This time, she pulled all the way out and started moving up closer, her knees on either side of his chest. Dylan gave a moan of protest, but she held a finger to his lips before stroking her hand over the side of his face. “Shh..Taste me. All over. Suck my clit. Make me cum in your mouth.” With that, she straddled his face. His tongue and lips assaulted her all too eagerly, running all over her engorged slit. He slid his tongue inside her as deep as possible. God, she tasted great; he thought he could get intoxicated off that sweetness of her.

“Dylan!! Ohhh jesus fuck yes!! That’s it!” she gripped the headboard and threw her head back in ecstasy, her hair flying. Spurred on, he moved his tongue up to her clit and gave it a firm lick, bringing on a wordless keening moan from her, her hips gently thrusting against his mouth. He locked his lips around her swollen nub, sucking and licking her faster and faster. Now she was also struggling not to cum yet, trying to hold off to make it last. “I love you!!” she screamed, “Holy fucking hell I love you so much! OHHHH GODD!!!” Her body jerked and spasmed as she came hard, her nectar gushing onto his face.

He wanted so much to grab her by the hips, but of course his wrists were tied. He licked his lips, tasting as much of her juices as he could. “Mmm.. god you’re delicious.”

She grinned, slid down his body so she was laying on top of him. She licked and sucked more of herself off his chin and around his lips. “You’re being extremely good. Would you like more of your reward? Hm?”

“Yes, ma’am! Please..” he begged. “Oh yes..”

She ground her body against his, teasing him. “How much more, baby? Would you like me to fuck you now?”

“Yes! Please, ma’am. I’d love you to fuck me now!” He was going to explode so hard when she finally let him cum.

She captured his lips once more, then she moved back down and settled to the hilt on his engorged cock. This time, she didn’t pull almost all the way out again. She started riding him, squeezing him rhythmically with those deep inner muscles. Her heels dug into his calves, drawing blood. But he barely felt it next to the extreme, mind-blowing waves of pleasure coursing through his body, both of them letting out loud cries of ecstasy. “Make me cum again!” she ordered. A few more hard thrusts upward from him, and she did. “Ohhhhh fuuck!! Good boy!” she howled as she throbbed and gushed around his cock. “You can..you can cum now!” He let go, releasing the hardest orgasm he’d ever had in his life, flooding inside her so hard that some of his white cum spurted back out of her slit, both of them screaming with the intensity of it.

Emma-Christine collapsed onto him. “Ohhh god…fuck..ohh my god..so fuckin’ good!” she gasped. Finally she reached over and unbuckled his restraints, freeing him. They kissed hard as he reached back and unzipped her corset, lifted it off her and tossed it aside. Now naked except for her boots, she wrapped herself around him. It still took long moments for them to come back down to earth.

“I love you, Emma Spoole. Forever.” he said.

“I love you. Happy Birthday, Dylan Massett.” she said with a smile before quieting him with another kiss, relaxing into him as they held each other until morning.