Paradise (SoulBates Week 2017)

Prompt: “Flowers”

{For timeline context, this one-shot takes place at the very end of season 3. It’s actually a reworked rough one I had saved in my drafts forever and have finally dusted off. Norma catches up to Norman on the boat dock right after he sends Bradley (real or not?) to a watery grave. What happens next is a night they won’t ever forget.}

“We’ll be together forever. Won’t that be nice?” Her head leaned against his shoulder. Before Norman could respond, Mother vanished. Another graceful feminine hand clasped his shoulder. The vision of her had suddenly flipped; she was no longer in her blue coat and wearing her tight, perfect blonde curls. Norma’s hair had lost most of its shape due to the frantic rush out of the house. Norman noticed that her clothes had changed in seconds; her coat was now burgundy. A slow realization came into his troubled mind: he’d been hallucinating a different incarnation of her for a while, and she made him do things…even took over his mind.

“Norman!” His real mother spun him against her and threw her arms around him, “Honey! Thank god you’re all right!” She clasped the sides of his face and forced him to look at her. “Don’t ever do that again, leave me like that!” she cried, “I’d die without you! No one will EVER take you away from me!”

Her words brought back flashes of Mother’s hands crashing the rock down on Bradley Martin’s skull. The Mother who was not there. Had Bradley even been there? Had any of it been real at all? Tears spilled out of his clear blue eyes. Norman began to shake, remorse and fear pushing him to the start of another black-out. But this time, her soft lips covering his cheeks with kisses brought him back to reality. Norma was tugging him towards their Mercedes parked at the top of the dock. “Let’s go home, sweetie. Come on,” she urged. As they left, Norman turned back and looked at the black, still surface of the water. No bubbles or traces of foam at all. So it might have never happened.

Back at the house, neither of them had the energy or desire to go upstairs to their rooms. They sank into the sofa, his long arms folding around her. Norman confessed, “I see a different version of you, Norma. A hallucination. It tells me to do things,” he sobbed, “Bad things. I think it made me kill Bradley tonight. I’m so sorry! I couldn’t stop it.”

Norma twisted around and cupped his chin, “Sweetie, Bradly Martin’s already dead. She has been for a while.”

He started to protest, but she cut him off, “Norman, that’s IT! She killed herself last year, and anything else you saw WASN’T REAL!!” Her sharp tone only made the tears flow more freely. Norma held him tighter, his head resting against her breasts. “I’m sorry,” she leaned down and kissed his forehead. “I’m so scared, Norman! I don’t mean to yell at you, baby!” She cradled him for long moments, both of them trembling with the reality of how broken his sanity had become.

“This crazy town has been horrible for you, Norman.” she finally said, “For both of us.”

“I know, Mother. I know I said I didn’t want to move again, but you were right the whole time.” Norman knew her better than anyone, and he could’ve predicted her next words:

“Let’s pack up and get out of here. Right now. Start all over, hopefully for the last time. We’ll fly to Oahu and find an apartment. I don’t even care if the motel goes back to the bank!”

“It’s already after midnight..” Norman tried to argue, but it fell flat. He would miss this house that his real mother had worked so hard to make into a home for them. The idea of leaving was suddenly frightening despite all the promise it held.

“All the more reason to get moving.” Norma started to get up, loosening her arms from him. “You can take anything you can fit, sweetie. Even your stuffed dog. It doesn’t matter anymore,” Her fingers traced his jawline, and before Norman could respond: her lips were on his. No more of the semi-innocent kisses she’d always left along his cheeks. A low moan came from deep in his throat as he returned the kiss, much of the fear immediately forgotten. Ever since that first time in the woods, dreams of another such kiss had never been far from his mind.

“All right, Mother.” he murmured against her lips.


Norma sighed loudly in frustration as they left the airline counter, after having bought their tickets on the next flight to Honolulu. It wouldn’t leave until eight that morning, and it was shortly before 2am. Norman was slumped in a waiting-area chair, yawning. He kept one foot on the luggage cart he’d piled with their suitcases. His stomach growled, and he looked around the airport ground floor, equally as despondent at the lack of restaurants open at the late hour.

“C’mon, Mother. I’m starving. Let’s go find somewhere that’s open and get something to eat. Please?” He got up and stretched his back, giving her those puppy-dog eyes Norma found impossible to resist. “I’ll load these back in the car.”

She gave him a tired smile, “Actually, I’m really hungry too.”

The only place they could find a reasonable distance from the airport appeared to be a steakhouse attached to a nightclub. The lighting was dim and oddly lurid and romantic at the same time. As they were seated, both were too hungry and tired to notice exactly what kind of club was right through a set of glass doors not far from their table. It only dawned on Norma when their waitress came around to take their order. The woman was tall and long-legged, with curled shoulder-length blonde hair, intense dark brown eyes, and a well-endowed bra cup size. She was wearing a white halter bikini top patterned with pink hibiscus flowers, matching high-cut bottoms, and a gauzy pink short sarong tied around her waist. A large pink-and-white hibiscus flower was pinned on one side of her hair.

“Welcome. What can I get for you two?” Her voice was warm and friendly, her deep eyes set off by heavy liner and glitter eye shadow.

Mother and son both needed a second to regain their composure, Norman being completely slack-jawed. This was no place his mother would ever approve of him being in. Yet the two of them had inadvertently wandered into it, all the same. Norma managed to smile politely and order them two steak dinner specials. “And I’ll have a whiskey, neat.” she added.

“Excellent choice,” the other blonde approved. “I’ll be right back with that, and you’re more than welcome to stick around for the show after. I go on stage in about half an hour.” she winked and strutted away on steep high heels.

“Norman!! This is a strip club!” she hissed as soon as the waitress was out of earshot.

Norman’s ears were burning with embarrassment, “Uhhh…yeah..I gathered that..” he fumbled for what else to say, worried she’d make a scene. Never in a million years, never even in his dirtiest fantasies, could he ever have imagined going to a place like The Treasure Chest (the name of this gentlemen’s club), let alone with his mother!

Norma dropped her head back and gave a sharp, dry laugh. “My god! Who the hell could’ve ever guessed this is where this bizarre night would take us! We’re almost gone, honey. Might as well make the best of it, right?” She gave him a wicked little smile, which only made her boy blush harder.

“What is it about that girl, Norman? Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“Um, she looks kind of-”

“Like me.” Norma finished. “Expect for those brown eyes.”

Just then, their lovely waitress brought Norma’s whiskey and Norman’s coffee. Norma took a hearty sip of her drink and turned to face her,

“You’re very pretty.” she commented, “What’s your name?”

The young woman smiled, “Paradise.”

“I assume your mother didn’t give you that name.”

“Mother, be polite. Please?” Norman admonished.

Paradise gave a soft laugh, “Oh, it’s quite all right! If you don’t mind my asking, are you two mother and son?”

“As a matter of fact, we are.” Norma informed her.

“I love that! I see plenty of fathers and sons in here, but this is a rare treat.” Her smile broadened. “If you’d like, I’ll give each of you a dance for the price of one. Let me know.” Then she left to get their dinner.

Turned out, the food at The Treasure Chest was excellent. Norma was pleased, since it wasn’t often she’d been to a restaurant that could do a medium-rare steak perfectly like this. She also had a second whiskey, the fiery amber liquid burning away the tension of the previous hours. As she paid the bill and left a generous tip, “What do you say, honey? Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about her little offer?” What the hell. It’s our last night here. Why not?” Norma stood up, slightly tipsy, and offered him her hand.

“Are you serious, Mother?” He was dumbfounded as he stood up and laced his fingers through hers; already she was tugging him towards the club’s entrance.

They had a seat on one of the plush dark rose-colored couches. It was a slow Thursday night, and only two other patrons were there in the club, seated at the bar along one wall. Mother and son didn’t have to wait long. It was difficult to look away, let along form a complete thought, as the blonde twirled and gyrated around the silver pole on the long rectangular stage. Her costume was down to her heels and thong bikini bottom by the time the two songs ended and Paradise exited.

Before she lost her nerve, Norma beckoned her over and paid her the agreed-on price. Norman was first, and he didn’t even register the music that was playing. Shy and nervous, all he could do was grip the arm of the couch with one hand and Norma’s hand with the other. He didn’t see the bare breasts and supple body of Paradise as she straddled his hips and started to grind against him. He closed his eyes and saw the naked skin of his mother instead. It was all he could do to control the growing hardness in his pants.

The real show came when the blonde moved off him as the second song began. It was “Slow” by Kylie Minogue, and his mouth was again hanging open as the nearly-nude woman moved onto Norma’s lap, her pelvis doing incredibly sensuous gyrations against her. Paradise whispered into Norma’s ear, “Women can touch me. If you want to.” Norman gave a little gasp as his mother ran her hands over the woman’s smooth thighs, both their hips moving to the song’s languid sexy rhythm. His breath quickened and the tightness in his pants was getting more unbearable, as Paradise got off Norma and turned around, seated her round ass on her lap and kept up the same motion against her. She leaned back as Norma’s hands explored over her hips, her flat stomach, and up to the undersides of her full breasts. Norman couldn’t get enough air into his lungs; god, it was the hottest fucking thing he’d ever seen.

The song ended too soon, and Paradise stood up, replaced her top and sarong. She unpinned the large hibiscus from her hair, leaned down and pinned it into Norma’s. “Keep it. I enjoyed that. I wish you two the best.” Then she was off, to attend to another table.

Norma and Norman barely had the car doors closed before they were clinched together, to hell with anyone seeing them. “Ohh god, Mother…” he exhaled before their tongues were locked in an equally sensuous dance. “That was so beautiful. You’re so beautiful..”

Her eyes locked with his, anything concealing her true feelings now stripped away. “I love you, sweetheart. I..I want you.” she finally admitted, “So much.” She glanced at the car’s digital clock. “It’s not even four yet. We still have a couple of hours before we have to be there and wait in that damn line. I’m not tired at all now.”

“Me either,” he exhaled.

“Let’s go find a motel room, honey.”


Note: Faceclaim for Paradise: Guess who? I completely pulled a Stephen King and inserted myself right there. Damn it was fun to write! No, I’ve never held the occupation. But I have nothing but appreciation for women who choose to do so. There really is a steakhouse/gentlemen’s club where I live. This is based off it.