Release (Rated M)

The creaking and groaning inside the walls had been getting more common and louder every time they showered or drew a hot bath after a long day of work at the motel. Norma figured when they bought the place that the old house’s plumbing had to be half a century old at its newest. She should have taken those loud creepy noises the pipes were making as a warning. But damned hindsight is always 20/20. Plus they’d had one crisis after another to deal with ever since first moving to White Pine Bay.

Her alarm went off at its usual early time one morning, and she rolled over to reach for him, draw him closer to her for sweet moments before they needed to get up. Norman wasn’t there.

“Norman?” her voice was still fuzzy, half awake. She sat up and rubbed her eyes, pushed her messy blonde curls out of her face. Norma belted her robe as she went down the hall to check his old bedroom, calling his name louder. The bedroom they pretended he still used, to put on a front for anyone else who came into their private little world that was the old house on the hilltop. No Norman. His narrow twin bed was still made, everything untouched.

Norma dropped her head back and groaned in exasperation. He must have gone down to that damn basement to work undisturbed on one of his animal-stuffing projects before breakfast. How he could stomach gutting and stuffing dead animals was beyond her. She was halfway down the basement stairs when she heard the wet gushing and splashing. And saw the small pond that had flooded the basement floor, the dirty water already covering the bottom two steps. “Oh no! Damn it! NORMAAN!! She shouted back up the stairs before leaning over the railing to assess more of the damage. A pipe in the left-side wall had burst, soaking and destroying the drywall and plaster. Water was still spewing out, taking more pieces of wall with it and adding to the flood.

“Mother!” Norman appeared in the basement doorway and quickly descended to join her. “Do you have to yell like that?” he complained.”It makes me nervous something bad’s happening to you – Aw shit!” He stopped short at the sight of the flooded basement. He’d had no plans to do any before-breakfast taxidermy. Norman had gone to check the mail; he’d secretly sent off one of his short stories for publication and was awaiting an answer. No dice, so he’d gone back to get ready for breakfast. Now: this disaster. Several of his finished birds, a stuffed beaver, and a half-finished raccoon were half-sunk in the basement flood, soaked through. “NO!” he shouted. Some more of his work in progress was up on his worktable and therefore safe. A few more squirrels, a woodchuck, and a baby deer were high up on the shelves behind the work-bench and had thankfully been spared a drenching.

“Come on, honey.” she tugged at his arm. Norman ended up dragging himself up the stairs, following her. Norma spent the next hour on the phone yelling at the closest plumbing company to get the hell out and fix it as soon as possible. After several frustrating phone calls, Norma got plumbers out to pump out the water from the basement. It took another call to get some contractors out to rip out the old wall and replace it with brand new drywall and plaster. The whole job took over a week. Mother and son ended up camped out in Room 2 in the meantime.

Norman sulked and brooded for the first few days, flipping aimlessly through the TV channels whenever he wasn’t in the motel office. On the fourth evening in those close quarters, Norma stepped between him and the TV, facing him with her hands on her hips. Her pink hibiscus-printed kimono fell partly open to a deep V reaching nearly to her waist. She was wearing nothing else but a skimpy low-cut black lace bra and matching panties that were translucent enough to leave very little to the imagination. He stopped channel-flipping and looked up, his eyes sliding up her perfect body.

“Um,” Norman gulped hard, unable to think of more to say. The ability of his
brain to process any more thought was diminishing, as most of the blood in his upper body was rushing south.

“Enough.” she snapped, “I’ve had enough of your moping around over a few ruined stuffed dead animals! It’s not the end of the world, Norman. You’ll make more!”

“I’m sorry, Mother. It’s just that I put so much work into those! And some of those animals were really tough to find!”

She saw the brightening of his eyes as they filled with tears that threatened to spill over, even as Norman turned his gaze away from hers. Her irritation softened into heartache, Nothing was worse than seeing her sweet boy unhappy and hurt in any way. “Oh honey,” Norma pressed herself to him and his arms slid around her waist. “I didn’t mean to sound so harsh. I know it’s important to you.” She rested her cheek against the top of his head, idly playing with strands of his hair before she pressed a lingering kiss high on his forehead. “I just hope it’s never more important than me…than us…”

His breath was warm against her skin. Norman brushed his lips over the valley between her breasts, then over each one, above the lace edge of her low-cut bra. He pushed the open halves of her robe further apart with his chin. “Never!” The word was a fierce whisper. “There is NOTHING that will ever matter to me more than you! You’re my life, my whole world, Mother.” He moved his hands down to her hips and kneaded them, pulling her until she straddled his lap, her knees on either side of his hips. All she got the chance to respond with was a soft moan before he kissed her roughly. His teeth raked over her bottom lip as he lay slowly down on his back, keeping her tight against him.

Norma slipped her tongue past his lips, never breaking the kiss. His fingers dug into her as she ground against his straining arousal. “Take this off me,” she demanded. Her robe belt was untied and her robe pushed down her back in seconds. Norman’s strong hands moved over her naked back, then unhooked her bra with one hand just like she’d patiently taught him. “That’s my good boy,” She quickly unbuttoned his shirt and trailed lingering kisses down his chest.
“I’m gonna show you how good I can be,” He cupped one of her breasts, pinching and twisting the nipple so she gave a sharp cry of pain mixed in with pleasure.

“Ohh god!! More..” she gasped.

Abruptly, Norman clasped her nearly-bare ass and got to his feet, carrying her as her legs wrapped around his waist. She’d had no idea until now that he’d gotten strong enough to pick her up like this, and it was erotic as all hell. Her body was begging for his. She never wanted to stop clinging to him, until he pushed her roughly against the wall of the shower. His shirt and shoes were discarded on the bathroom floor as he ripped the shower curtain all the way to one side. He pressed tight against her as he continued the sweet torturous assault on her breasts, with both his hand and lips this time. She was going to have sore nipples but couldn’t care less. Norman pushed one hand lower, rubbing the transparent soaked fabric of her panties. A dark wet spot was left on his tan pants where his beautiful mother’s legs had been locked around him.

“You’re so wet…”

“You’re driving me crazy, Norman!” He grabbed one skimpy side of her panties and yanked them down to her knees, slipping two fingers just inside her before dragging them up over her clit and massaging just the way she loved. The little gasps of pleasure from her only made him speed up; he was going to edge her until she was begging him for release.

Norma reached over and twisted the shower faucet so a torrent of warm water rained down on them. It soaked Norman’s pants, as she’d barely managed to get his belt undone. Her panties fell the rest of the way down her legs.

“Mother!” he scolded with a laugh, “Naughty,” He gave one cheek of her ass a sharp slap before pining her against the tile wall once more.

“Um-humm..” Her turn to bite on his lower lip, “Now get these pants off, honey!” She unzipped, unbuttoned and shoved them over his hips. The wet pile of fabric was kicked aside before he held her tightly, her leg lifting around his bare hip.

“Mother…I don’t mind the basement getting flooded anymore.”