Summer Rain (SoulBates Week 2017)

Prompt: “Dreams”

{What might have happened if it had been Norman who died in Season 4, not Norma? She has just such a nightmare}

The shovel was getting harder to grip, and her arms were so tired. Freezing, sleeting rain started pouring onto the cemetery. It mixed with her uncontrollable tears and made it even harder to see in at this late hour, but Norma wouldn’t stop digging. Her blue flowered dress and coat grew soaked, weighing her down, and she was soon shivering and filthy. The shovel struck the coffin lid, and she threw the shovel aside. After clawing away enough mud and pulling open the heavy lid.

“Nooo…” the word was a long sob of agony. She grabbed his still body and held it tight to her, her tears and the rain soaking into his navy blue suit. Her warm lips pressed against his cold cheeks. “Let’s get you home, baby. Get you out of this cold.” she sobbed, hitching her arms tighter around his unmoving torso. Somehow she summoned the physical strength to carry him to the car and get her cherished boy into the Mercedes’ passenger seat. She brushed away a lock of his dark hair from his forehead, wiped the mud away from his face the best she could. “I’ll get you cleaned up; don’t worry. I’ll take care of you, keep you safe.”

Once back at the house, she was somehow able to carry him inside. Her arms cradled his long body like she’d carried him as a little boy. Where had that strength come from? Settling him on the sofa, Norma leaned close over him, “We’re home now, Norman. You can open your eyes. C’mon, baby, please!” her body shuddered with sobs. “Everyone else is gone now. No one will ever hurt you again, I swear it! I’ll protect you, always!”

He remained still, his pale features nearly serene and his eyes closed. Insane with this unspeakable agony, she tore up the stairs and ripped the loaded pistol out of its hiding place under her mattress. No longer caring about her wet filthy clothes or about anything, she lay down with her body pressed to his. “I’ll be one step after you, Norman. We’ll be together forever..” Her finger pulled back the gun’s hammer as she pressed the barrel to her temple.


“Oh my love, it’s you that I dream of,
Oh my love, since that day,

Somewhere in my heart,
I’m always dancing with you in
the summer rain,

Doesn’t matter what I do now,
Doesn’t matter what I say.”


Norma bolted upright with a scream, scaring Norman as well as herself awake. Disoriented, she buried her face in her hands and couldn’t stop the flow of tears.

“Mother!” He sat up with her, wrapping his arms around her shoulders and pulling her close. “It’s okay, it was a nightmare, that’s all. It’s over.” Norman buried his face against her neck, then kissed her falling tears away.

“I…I had a dream where you died, Norman..” She let him lay back down with her cradled in his arms. His warm bare chest and beating heart soothed her. It had only been a horrible dream. Everything was good now. They were together.

“That’s a crazy dream, Mother. You know that won’t happen. I’m right here.” He left a trail of kisses along her cheek, then caressed her lips with his. “I’ll never, ever leave you.”

The last of her terror evaporated at his touch. Norma now heard the familiar soothing sound of ocean waves, not far from where they were laying, camped out in their small domed tent. Lush Hawaiian trees surrounded their spot on three sides, and it was wonderfully private. She also felt all of their bare skin against one another, both of them having long since discarded their swimsuits the night before. She shifted under the lightweight blanket covering them, until she was on top of him. Her lips met his, long and slow this time. His fingers threaded into her blonde locks, as his other hand slid between her thighs, feeling her growing wetness. Norma moaned in pleasure as he got her nice and ready before slipping inside her.

It was early afternoon by the time their lovemaking left them spent. They were very slow and relaxed as they dressed, got lunch, and packed up. It often rained at this time of day on this side of Kaui, right on schedule as they’d finally packed everything up and were walking along the road away from the beach, towards the small bungalow they now lived in on a rather remote part of the island.

Norma tilted her face up to the rain. It was warm and gentle, making the nightmare even more of a distant memory. Grinning, she put down her beach bags and took him by the hands. “Dance with me in the rain, Norman.”

“Here?” he laughed, “We don’t have any music.” Even so, he dropped what he was carrying and slid his arm around her waist, swaying with her before giving her a twirl and pulling her back against him.

“We don’t need any, here in our paradise.” Norma cupped his face and kissed his lips, loving the drops of rain falling down on them.


“Summer Rain” lyrics by Belinda Carlisle and Paul Buckmaster. Obvi: I don’t own them.