The Only One (Rated M)

The Only One

Norman had been hard at work on the little red fox for hours, carefully cleaning the fur and setting her back legs back into correct positions. She’d probably been run over on the highway and had dragged herself to the grassy shoulder with two broken legs before giving in to inevitable death. Sad, but such was life. What he found so meaningful about his work with taxidermy: it gave these little creatures what seemed a second chance. Gave them a chance to appear alive again, so they didn’t just vanish upon dying. It was time-consuming, painstaking work. Once he’d cleaned out the innards and repositioned her on all four repaired legs, he next needed to start stitching in the stuffing that would preserve her in the same life-like pose.

Before the entire project was finished, Norman also wanted to bring that beautiful red fur back to its former beauty. The same for the white tip of her tail and the white patches running along her chest and legs. After cleaning and drying all of it, there were a few secret taxidermists’ tricks he knew of to make it all smooth and even a bit lustrous again. He was so absorbed in his work that Norman only noticed his mother had joined him down in the basement when he saw the satin swirl of her pale blue robe out of the corner of his eye. His gaze caught the black sheer stockings and deep blue lace high heels she had on with it. His heart rate kicked up several notches.

Norma slipped her arms around him from behind and pressed her soft cheek against his. The growing tightness in his trousers was making it impossible to concentrate any further on the little fox. “Hi honey,” came her throaty voice, and her red lipstick left a print on his skin after she planted a lingering kiss on his face.

He pretended to still be absorbed, was going to make her work for it until she was begging. “Um-hum? Hi, Mother.”

“Can’t you take a break and work on that later? Come spend some time with me.”
“I will later, Mother. Give me another 15 minutes or so.”

“You always say that!” she pouted, “Then it turns into another hour, at least.”

“I get in the zone, Mother. I can’t help it.”

She moved around to his side, her hand sliding along his shoulders and then the back of his neck. It made his stiffening cock twitch even more. His eyes traveled up the shiny silk fabric covering her body, widening as Norma untied the belt of her robe and pulled it back from her shoulders. It dropped around her feet in a sky-blue flood. “Are you still ‘in the zone’ now, Norman?” The tip of her tongue flicked over her top lip.

“Oh Mother..” he swallowed hard, “God, you’re beautiful.”

A royal blue lace bra lifted her round perfect breasts, the pink outlines of her nipples visible through the translucent fabric. Matching lace panties didn’t leave much to the imagination, and he could see this close that she was freshly shaven. Thigh-high black stockings with lace tops completed the insanely sexy little number. She was a goddess on earth, and she was all his. Only his.

Norman dropped his needle and thread onto the table, pushed his chair back enough for her to straddle his lap. Low groans of need came from his throat as he wrapped his arms tight around her. Her hard nipples rubbed against his chest, their lace covering creating the most delicious-feeling friction. “Norman..” She moaned as her head dropped back and she arched against him.

Norma spread her legs, wetness soaking through the thin blue lace as she began rubbing her sensitive clit against his straining hardness. Both of their hips began grinding together in the same rhythm, locked in a sensual dance to music only they could hear. She grasped the fabric of his chinos and pulled him even tighter against him. Norman started to give a whimper of need before she cut him off with a deep kiss, her tongue slipping past his lips. He lifted one lace cup of her bra and cupped her breast roughly.

The grinding motion of their bodies sped up, “Norman!” she cried out, finally breaking the kiss when he stroked his thumb over her bared nipple. He gave the hard pink nub a squeeze as he raked his teeth over the side of her neck. Seconds later, Norma shuddered hard against him. “Baby! Oh god that’s so good.” He held her to him and didn’t stop rubbing his throbbing cock between her legs. A sizeable spot of her wetness was soaking into the fabric of his pants.

“I love you,” He covered her neck with more kisses, then her jawline and finally her lips. “Love you so much!” Norman started giving sharp little gasps as her motion slowed against him. It felt so damn good, it was nearly painful.

Norma grasped his hands that were on her hips, guided them up the smooth warm skin of her back to unhook her bra. She tossed it to the floor, not breaking the kiss. Her sweet wonderful boy was going to need release so badly.

Their lips separated, both their chests heaving. “Norman?”

“Yess Mother?”

Brief unwanted bad memories surfaced, of his father violently throwing her face-down onto the bed and raping her from behind as she clung to her little boy’s hand underneath. Of Keith Summers assaulting her on her own kitchen table until Norman slammed a doorstop into his head. She blinked hard, never wanted to revisit those horrible things done to her.

“I want to do something I thought I’d never want to, ever again. But I do now. With you. Only you and no one else ever again,”
“Umm, what is it?” Norman liked the sound of where this was going, though her grave tone was starting to make him a bit nervous.

Her bright blue eyes pierced straight into his soul. “I’m going to stand up,” Her voice had a tremor, “And I want you to turn me around and take be from behind. Go slow. At first.”

“Are you sure, Mother? Really?” He kept her in his embrace, seeing tears brightening her eyes. He would love it, he’d fantasized about it and pleasured himself to it even after he and his mother had come together as they were always meant to be. But he knew all too well the mental scars she still carried.

“Yes.” She kissed him deeply again. “I want this. Please. No one but you will ever touch me again, Norman.” Norma slowly moved off his lap, a little unsteady on her blue-lace-covered high heels. He held her waist in his protective grasp and got to his feet too. Norman reached over and moved his forgotten project to the corner of the table. He gently turned her by the hips until her naked back was against his chest. One hand slid up her stomach and cupped one breast. The other moved lower, rubbing her over the soaked lace before reaching inside.

“Ohh god!” Norma’s thighs parted further, allowing him to stroke her swollen sensitive opening. “More..” she gasped as two fingers teased over her clit. Pleasure was growing in her so fast, blotting out any last doubts or fragments of terrible memories.

Norman kissed along her shoulder and very gently moved his hand to press against her lower back. “Bend over,” he whispered into her ear. She slowly obeyed him, and he smoothed his palms along her sides in reassurance as he felt her tremble. Norma braced herself on her elbows on the smooth wood of the table, the vulnerable position making her ache with want. She stepped her legs further apart, a drop of wetness running down one inner thigh. Norman took hold of the waist of her panties and pulled them off slowly. He knelt as he slid them down her long legs and she stepped one foot out of them. The sight of her bare, pink slit from behind was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. He swiftly unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down to his knees, gasping loudly as his swollen deep red cock met the cool air. Their ragged breathing matched each other as he took himself in hand and positioned himself between her thighs and pressed against her beautiful ass.

Norman stroked her back up and down, as he rubbed the tip of his member against her clit, “How much do you want this, Mother?”

“I want it so much! Please, baby, please don’t tease me like that! Come inside me!” she begged him. With a deep groan, he slipped easily inside her to the hilt. It made them both gasp even louder. So wet and hot. Norman held her hips and began a very slow thrust, puling nearly out of her before sliding all the way back in.

“Yess! That’s it! Don’t stop, Norman Ohh fuuck!” she cried out all the encouragement he needed.

“God, I love you!” he kept going, gradually getting faster, never wanting that slick delicious friction to end. He felt her tightening and pulsing deep inside, griping his cock to pull him even harder into her. They never wanted this to end, though he could tell she was getting closer. About a dozen more quick deep thrusts into her, and Norma screamed out in pleasure as she came harder than she’d ever had. A gush of her juices coated him, and he kept going, riding out her orgasm with her and her cries were the most incredible thing he ever heard from her. That plus the filthy-word-laden demands escaping her lips, of him to fuck her and never stop, of how much she loved him.

With a cry just as intense, Norman gave a hard final thrust as he erupted deep inside her. His legs weakened as he relaxed forward against her, gasping for breath before kissing her ear. “That was incredible.”

She squeezed around his cock still buried inside her. “God yes! I love you Norman!” Norma lifted herself up from the table, and he stood up, holding her as she turned around and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. They stood there for long moments, her face buried against his neck. She finally pulled his pants back up over his hips.

“Norman?” her breath was so soft against his skin.

“Yes, Mother?”

“Take me upstairs. Carry me and take me to our bed. I want more.”

“What about your..?” Norman nodded towards her discarded robe and lingerie on the basement floor.

“Leave it.” Norma lifted as he swept her up into his arms, nude except for her stockings and heels. “But I’m keeping these on.”