Time Well Spent (One-Shot, Rated M)

This spicy little one-shot takes place an indeterminate amount of time after the end of The Bates That Got Away Dylan and Emma-Christine are living in the city about an hour from Norma(n), and it’s very obvious (still) who’s in charge ;)


Agent Emma Spoole had been working a stressful and emotionally taxing kidnapping case, and on this stormy Portland afternoon, she leaned back in her home office chair and closed her eyes. Her desk had been set up in a corner of their shared master bedroom, with a great view of the Willamette River. The white clapboard house had been upgraded from its 1960s origins, with plenty of its vintage charm still intact. Emma tilted her head in the direction of downstairs, and in socked feet she quietly padded down the dark wood stairs with their burgundy carpeting down the middle. On the middle landing, Em clearly heard the female avatar cries of “Undead douchebag!” and worse. He was playing “Lollipop Chainsaw.” on the XBox she’d bought him several months before. The zombie-killing game advertised as having “more skin than a girls’ locker room.”

“What the FUCK?! Oh really?” Emma muttered before stomping back upstairs to their shared walk-in closet, stripping off her jeans, socks, sweater, and the rest of her clothes as she went. From her extensive collection, she put on a deep red lace bandeau push-up bra with black trim, followed by a skimpy red thong with a black lace waistband. And it tied with black ribbons at her hips. The centerpiece of her outfit was her shiny black vinyl platform boots that zipped tightly above her knees, the spike heels lifting her to about six foot three. Emma topped it off with a short transparent silky black robe.

She stepped in front of Dylan where he was sprawled back on the couch, one hand planted on her hip, blocking his view of the raunchy game on the screen. He gave a split-second of protest, then he got a full view of her lace-and-vinyl-clad body. He also saw the infuriated expression on her face, and he stammered “Um,…uh..” helplessly as his cock was jumping to attention inside his sweatpants. Dylan knew this game by now; he was in for it. And it was going to be such delicious punishment.

“Turn that off.” she snarled. He quickly hit the pause button and put the console aside, gulping.

“So, you have nothing more to do on your day off than play that stupid game?!” Em demanded. “I have something much better. Get off that couch and on your knees. I said RIGHT NOW!!” she barked when he hesitated. Dylan meekly slid off the sofa and onto his knees in front of it, his dick straining so hard in his pants. “Y-yes, babe,” he breathed.

She stepped up to him and pulled the ribbons holding her thong in place, tore it off and threw it away. Her breathe hard and her pussy was engorged and so damn wet. Dylan gave a moan of want, a split second before her hand shot out and seized a handful of his hair, her nails digging into his scalp as he whimpered, “Ow, ow..”

Emma yanked his sandy locks even harder, as she wrapped one boot-clad foot up and around his face, planting her toe on the edge of the couch. In the same motion, she shoved her swollen sex into his mouth. “Shut up! Take care of your woman. That’s time better spent. Ohhh FUCK!!” He licked and sucked hard at her clit and lips, just how he knew she loved it. Emma-Christine thrust and bucked against him, using his mouth and tongue like her own private sex toy. When she finally came, a gush of her white cream was left on his chin. Spent, she slowly unwrapped her leg from around him, stripped off her robe and bra and dropped them as she slowly walked away, to go take a shower.

“Wait, Ems?” Dylan asked, both scared of and craving her to punish him further for daring to whine about his raging hard-on. Damn, he needed some release so bad.

She slowly turned and gave his body a slow once-over. “Suffer. Until tonight.” Em winked, turned and walked away from him, nude except for those shiny black boots.