Climbing Aboard the Mother-Ship

“You can’t be your best self until you’ve found your tribe.” – Misty Day, from American Horror Story Coven

I’ve spent some time staring at the blinking cursor before knowing or feeling what I’m going to say here. I’ll start with this: having spent a good part of my life in one fandom or another, I was convinced I’d run across ships of most flavors. If on the off chance you’re unaware of what this lingo refers to, wander on over to Urban Dictionary for a good explanation, and then wander on back here. Got it? Good, we’ll move on.

My *ahem* rather intense obsession with Bates Motel (and to some extent the classic Psycho franchise) first spawned this blog and then sent me on a journey of discovery of sorts. I’ll admit I’ve always had a certain fascination with the taboo and forbidden; this goes back years to my own personal history. If the subject makes some people squirm and avoid talking about it, you bet your ass I’m going to go researching and investigating it the first chance I get. It’s this trait of mine that had me looking for the truth about the so-called “Incest Taboo,” when previously I knew nothing other than what conventional society had drilled into my head. Considered “taboo” by many, but not absolutely everyone.

Despite all I’d learned, it still failed to occur to me that anyone could possibly ship a mother with her own son, at least not as far as this series was concerned. Who the hell am I kidding? I started shipping the two in this supposedly-true story before I was even fully aware I was shipping Norma and Norman Bates. It wasn’t even in my conscious mind at the beginning of the series, and it gradually became clearer and clearer by the end of Season 2 that’s exactly what I was doing. Whether I was willing to admit it to myself (let alone anyone else!) was another matter.

Well, it was another matter until I discovered (thank you Twitter) and figured out exactly what “Soul Bates” means. I’d seen the term before as I scrolled through my Twitter feed, but I didn’t connect it right away with a ship of Norma and Norman. When I did make the connection, I had a moment of “OMFG, I am SUCH a clueless wonder sometimes!! Talk about not seeing the forest for the trees!!” Okay, that’s a rather bad analogy, but you get my point.

There truly isn’t a feeling like the first realization that you’re not alone. Especially when it comes to feelings that “society” deems “taboo” or even “abnormal.” This applies to a ship as much as anythings else. But anymore I can’t help or deny what I feel or think in this regard: Norma and Norman are soul mates. I’m not sure if I believe this, but if any pair are any proof they’ve lived on this earth before and have always loved each other very deeply, they’re it. Do I know how the Psycho franchise ends? Of course I do! Does it matter at this point, in the face of this intense soul-mates (soulbates) situation? No, it really doesn’t, to me.