What if I NEVER Wanted to Say Good-bye?

I’ve been lost inside
Empty space inside my heart
And some things never change
How it hurts me and
How it’s tearing me apart
And it just goes on and on

Can you read my mind?
Take a good look at my face
Could you take the time
Just to stand here in my place?

What if I’d been the one
to say good-bye?
Could you smile
When inside you just wanna cry?
Look inside, can you read my mind?

-“If I’d Been the One” -.38 Special

This is not going to be easy for me to write, but here goes. As of March 2016, I will no longer be watching any more Bates Motel seasons and will no longer be writing any reviews of them. It started out as a tough decision, but the more I kept hearing about the direction the last two seasons are going to take, the easier that decision became for me. You may have noticed the site’s changes already, but I’m shifting it away from being merely a fan-of-the-show site. It’s now going to be ground-zero for my Norma(n)/SoulBates fanfiction. It’s also going to be an all-around tribute to Norma(n). As far as I’m concerned, in my own little world:

1. The canon ends after Season 3. Where their story goes from that point, I’ll write it. That’s the beauty of fanfiction.

2. I don’t want to see either of them hooking up with anyone else anymore. Don’t wanna hear it. Don’t wanna know about it. You only need to read the Home page to know what I’m referring to in particular.

3. YES, I KNOW how the Psycho story ends, and I DON’T CARE. Not anymore. I could not put this more bluntly. Different story, different world now–again as far as I’m concerned.

If you follow my Tumblr, you’re probably already familiar with my feelings on these matters, but in case you don’t/aren’t: this post explains it pretty well: http://bates-angela.tumblr.com/post/136815742113/if-normabates-really-dies-in-s4

Yes, it’s probably a controversial stance (hell, I already pridefully take several of those), but I’m not kosher with a series that’s both gone downhill and that would horribly, painfully force me to say good-bye to my OTP in more ways than one. Sooo…I’m saying this good-bye to the show creators and the last two seasons first. Hopefully the lyrics I quoted at the beginning make sense in this context.

This will officially be my last diatribe on the subject. Moving on exclusively to my fanfiction and other SoulBates tributes after this.

Those of you who choose not to stick around reading this site or following me, go in peace and I have no hard feelings. Those of you die-hard SoulBates shippers who want to stick around: I love you and come on in, grab yourself an adult beverage and get comfortable on the black leather sofa. You’ll always have a home and a safe place here.