S3ep7 “The Last Supper”

Original air date: April 20, 2015.

I’m especially curious to know what “The Last Supper” refers to. I’m guessing it means someone in the family will end up dead or leaving for good. But the show writers do have that clever, unexpected way of working these show titles. Speaking of “leaving,” I’m so relieved that Norma Louise is back where she belongs with her sons–especially the one who needs her more than anything in the world.

After the most intensely emotional scene (I believe) since The Immutable Truth, can Norma ever forgive Caleb for what he did all those years ago? It was horrible, but it brought Dylan into to world, and I believe the family would be lacking without him. As Norma said at the end of Season 2, he is a miracle. And it seems now there’s some possible chemistry between Emma and Dylan, imageimage and I’m right on the edge of wanting it to happen. Depending on what happens next, I could fall on either side of that tightrope. They do have a sweet moment in the motel office when he asks if he could buy her dinner to thank her for being so supportive in a crisis. But her dad interrupts it–first time we’ve seen him in a while.

Sadly, there’s more of a rift between Norma and Norman. Still. Ugh, this makes me want to go back to bed and pull the covers over me. But of course I’d never do that to those of you dear readers who follow this blog and actually read what spills out of my head on each episode each week :) I truly appreciate you all. Anyway, she’s keeping the truth from him about what happened the night she spent away. Is she ever going to be honest with him again? More secrets and lies are going to drive them further apart, and it’s almost all on her end at this point. I HATE to see this happen, and I understand Norman’s resentment and sarcasm. Even worse, she doesn’t go through and read all the messages Dylan left for her; she right away calls Romero after learning he got shot. Norman’s hating that too, and I’m not liking it much better. I do love it when he grabs her new phone and answers it on James.

“Why does everyone always jump to ‘I died’?”

Oh I don’t know Norma, maybe because some dangerous people are still after that flash drive? Which Romero now knows the location of at Dylan’s farm.
Emma has only a few years left, which is some very sad news. Dylan takes the time out to go see Mr. Decody and talk to him about it, which shows he does care about her. Even though sometimes she seems in the background and rather naive about some things, I’ve always like Emma. It’s going to be rough to lose her. $20,000 will move her up the lung-transplant list, but we’ll see…

Romero and Caleb meet for the first time; this might end up being somewhat interesting. Gunner opens the flash drive after initially playing stupid, and Romero’s family turns out to be connected to that holding company. Now he’s in deeper with this than he ever thought..

Norma’s ignoring James the psych prof’s calls, which lifts my spirits a little. I think he’s starting (just a little) to outstay his welcome. She also seems indifferent at first when Dylan tells her how badly Norman lost his mind, and she tries to minimize it.
imageimageUntil she gets the news that Norman was pretending to be her. Dylan is the voice of reason and truth here; it can no longer be dismissed or minimized. My god, this is going to be so horrible if they try to put Norman in some institution!

And cut back to Romero visiting his dad in prison. Guess his dad was a “dirty cop,” probably why the Sheriff has always wanted to be the opposite of his father. Annndd I’m starting to get a little bored with this side story, c’mon, let’s go back to what’s going to happen with Norman.

Dylan and Caleb run across an opportunity to make $25,000 on a gun-running mission. Dylan’s thinking of getting the money for Emma to get moved up on the lung transplant list. It’s dangerous, and Caleb tries to stop Dylan from doing it, but Dylan is an adult…

James shows up at the Bates house after Norma ignores his calls. Dude, this routine is frankly pitiful; now I just feel bad for you. Yeah, it was nice to be worried about Norma, but take the damn hint already. I don’t think he had the idea of talking to Norman right away in mind either! And he should be the one who’s nervous, not Norman.

“How was it sleeping with my mother?”

Hell yes, Norman! Now this is picking up. And he’s totally right about how anyone’s mother behaving like Norma did that night would bother anyone. James had it coming for saying those things.


“I just miss you. I miss how close we used to be.”

Yeah, Norman. You and me both. I do too. A lot. But Norma does start to redeem herself by apologizing and hugging him, promising she’ll always love him and telling him she’s sorry for leaving that night. About time, Norma–should’ve done that right away.

“Nothing means as much to me as being your mother.”

Romero’s gotten drunk and calls Norma to pick him up. Oh shit. “You’re a mess.” is an understatement. He does tell her about his father using his mother’s name to collect drug profits. He pulls her towards him a little, and she pulls away to go make dinner–telling him he’s drunk and won’t even remember telling her she’s beautiful. Thank fucking god, because if anything else happened I might have thrown myself off the nearest bridge! Kidding! Exaggerating! Kind of..

Caleb shows up with flowers for Norma, the kind he remembers she liked. Rather sweet and sad. I can tell he wants to make things right, as little as he can do to accomplish that. And we get to see Norma play the piano again, something I have been hoping for! But it can’t compare to Shadow of a Doubt, not even close. But the better mood gets darkened quickly as Norman finds Caleb in the house.

Everyone ends up staying for dinner, even Romero who’s sobered up pretty quickly. The scene of a family dinner is sweet, but I know it’s a calm before the storm. Norman alone in bed later that night only confirms it. And he doesn’t stay there for long.

I wanted to like this episode more than I do, but I’ve gotten to where I’m not going to praise this season just because I love the series as a whole. I think of the intense (if borderline-taboo but still sweet IMO) love and affection between Norma and Norman in the previous two seasons, and I long for those days. imageimage Now that love’s faded to being nothing but one-sided on his part. She’s only “being his mother” now, and I’m far from blind as to why that’s changed so much in the writing: for the sake of “normalcy” and toeing the lines that “society” has in place. It’s taken away much of the show’s previously razor-sharp edge, leaving it dangerously close to dull-nighttime-soap territory. It would already be there if not for Norman and that love he holds onto, even in the midst of the rest of his madness. And I’d bet anything that now-one-sided love is going to exacerbate that madness. It so often does, in one way or another, in many of us.

I really hate being in a position to hurt something I love, but I’m left with no choice: I’m only giving this episode two hearts out of five–a milestone of a rating drop:
Blue HeartBlue Heart

Okay, I’m going to go swan-dive into a figurative fanfiction K-hole. Follow me if it’s your prerogative.

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