S3ep9 “Crazy”

Original air date: May 4, 2015.

Someone (I don’t remember who exactly) recently wrote on Tumblr that Bates Motel would only be 20 minutes long per episode if it focused mostly on Norman instead of so much on the secondary characters. I can’t say I agree with that; I think adding in even more scenes of what’s going on in his breaking mind would be riveting. We got some of that in The Pit, with him running down the highway, away from a hallucination of Norma and after his imaginary alive-again dog. Why, why didn’t Norma just let him get another dog after Juno got run over? Having a real, live one might’ve helped. Somewhat. For a while anyway..

One more comment on the 20-minute idea: I’ve so far written a very Norman-centric scene that could potentially take someone longer than 20 minutes to read. Especially if they were..well..go check it out some time, under the Fan Fiction section here. You’ll see what I mean ;)

Okay, enough of my musings and meanderings. Soon after we had a really tense and dramatic screaming match between Norma and Norman, the writers figuratively turn on the fire extinguisher and throw in another secondary-character distraction. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve come to like Bradley well enough. She’s far from perfect but has some good qualities, and Gil Turner deserved what he got for killing her dad. Much whoopla has been made about her return to White Pine Bay, even before S3 even started. My only question is: “Why?” What halfway rational reason could she possibly have for coming back to the town that carries so many horrible memories for her? Her dad’s murder, her suicide attempt, her stay in the mental hospital, her revenge-murder of Gil, not to mention there may still be some bad guys who’d want to kill her for killing him. Yeah, half of them are supposedly in prison, but I still wouldn’t hold my breath.

Norman logically feels the same way. And she blames him and Dylan for “letting her do it.” -as in running away. Um, really? Yeah, not taking any responsibility for her own choices there. That’s a shitty thing to say, in my opinion. If I were Norman: I’d tell her to move on, just keep driving. He so does not need this right now. But Norman still has his kind heart and probably still a soft spot for Bradley, so that’s not going to happen.

Norma meanwhile tells Parris that James was lying about Sam’s death. Norman had nothing to do with it. Did he or didn’t he, Norma? Truth or another one of your long-term made-up stories that had everyone fooled, including us the audience? Maybe one day we’ll know for sure. She tries to placate him with a promise to return the flash drive, in hopes it’ll make the whole entanglement with Parris go away. But the guy is the major villain of Season 3; in no way is it going to be that simple.

“Don’t slip and fall into your pool. You might never get out.”
Caleb and Chick Hogan duke it out over the gun-run-turned-shoot-out. Caleb beats the crap out of him and swears he’ll kill him if he ever messes with them again. Dylan remarks what many others have already thought: the “pool” looks more like a bomb crater. In that scene with Emma, I’d bet anything she’s picturing him in the shower when he mentions that.

“Just don’t let my mother see you. She thinks you’re dead.”

Norman makes the ill-advised choice to let Bradley stay at the motel. Yeah, I can already see Norma catching her and then hell breaking loose. Wishful thinking that she wouldn’t at some point.

Norma herself accuses Romero of “acting like a third-grade girl,” which made me crack up laughing. That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard her say to him, possibly ever!

Bradley has no plan in mind how to announce to her own mother that she’s alive, so naturally she puts the onus on Norman to do it. She’s still the one who believes Norman’s sweet and innocent, which is kind of endearing in a way. Norman then heads to the basement and catches Norma bagging up all his taxidermied animals. Bad idea. And a frankly stupid one, far as I’m concerned. Getting rid of his favorite hobby is not going to do a thing as far as getting rid of his black-outs, hallucinations, etc, etc. It’s only going to make him angry with her. It’s also not going to do much as far as removing suspicion cast on them if Sam’s accident is investigated again.


“You are the first thing I think about when I get up in the morning and you are the last thing I think about at night.”

Even though Norman’s grabbing a knife is scary for a second, he calms down and tries to be rational with her. And that above line is very sweet, even under these tense circumstances. Even though I might be taking a look into the mind of a growing monster, I do understand how he feels. It’d be like someone trying to take away my writing, and this fan site, which I also love. My only hope is that you dear readers get some enjoyment out of it too. ANYWAY, Norman brings up the idea that Norma might’ve killed Sam and led him on with the (possibly) made-up story of his having black-outs. He’s voiced what I’ve been thinking for a while now.

Bradley and Norman go to Bradley’s old house when her mother and stepfather are out. Everything’s been changed; it’s like Bradley never even lived there. Which is pretty sad, but then again people tend to move on after a while…most people anyway.

The FBI’s involved in analyzing the flash drive, casting some suspicion on how Romero was elected Sheriff to begin with. Interesting, in more ways than one…

Emma gets the money to move her up the lung-transplant list, and she also lets Dylan know that she knows Caleb is his father. She’s relatively enlightened compared to a lot of people. Yes, it was horrible that Norma was raped. But is it really that horrific to come from brother-sister parentage? There’s a deeply-ingrained stigma put on the children of these origins, even though they didn’t ask to be brought into this world and did nothing wrong. In the huge scheme of things, I can think of worse. Emma’s right: the point is that he’s here. And she so obviously loves him. They should’ve gone for it and kissed right then and there.

Norman brings up to Bradley that there is something wrong with him. When she brings up that she doesn’t want to be alone anymore, Norman immediately brings up Norma. Like he’s done so many times before in front of girls who may be entertaining the idea of being with him. Subtle, but telling in that scene.

Norma meanwhile is on another raid–this time through Romero’s house, looking for the flash drive. He pulls his gun on her, and this no-romo gets something that makes my whole week! And kicks up this episode’s rating by at least one more heart!

“I hate you.”

“Well, I hate you too. So what?”

It’s reeaallyyy difficult to make a romantic relationship work between any two people who hate each other. Just sayin’

The flash drive is unfortunately long gone, turned over to the DEA. And Romero’s done with it all, with the whole town in fact. They also have a completely epic, screaming, practically knock-down fight over the supposed truth about Sam’s accident. He won’t believe Norma when she claims she killed Sam with that blender, thinking she’s still protecting Norman, at any cost. “Crazy” is a great name for this episode, just off this Norma scene alone!

So what’s the next move for Norma? Go try to fill in that giant hole, during the dead of night no less. Though we’d be here until halfway to Season 4 if she were to go at that alone, with one shovel. Great timing for Caleb to show up too. At the news about Norman attacking his uncle in Season 2, Norma still keeps denying the truth. Yes, Norman will end up hurting someone. Again. I’m almost sorry to see Caleb go, since he’s the one who can see that coming from miles away.

Caleb isn’t the only one with plans to leave town. Bradley will be too, which I think is for the best. But not before she gets it out of Norman that he has black-outs. They start going at it on her motel bed as the hallucination of Norma looks on.

“We have a lot of trouble on our plate. We don’t need any more.”

Well, didn’t I say that from the get-go? Even though it’s a imagined version of Norma, we’re in agreement on that one. I do think the idea of killing Bradley is too much; just let her leave in the morning. As long as she does so.

This episode has some amazing moments, and that parting look at Norman walking to the hillside stairs with his belt still in his hand is priceless. A deserved 4.75 out of 5:



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